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Goodbye to the telephone blockage in the railway section between Villanueva and Brazatortas

Villanueva de la Serena train station. / TODAY

The work to implement more advanced technology, which Adif will have to tender, has an estimated budget of 31.7 million euros

The Government has authorized the suppression of the telephone blockade in the railway section between the Villanueva de la Serena and Brazatortas/Veredas stations. This type of blockade is the simplest technologically and Adif is undertaking a plan for its progressive replacement by more advanced technology and with less intervention of the human factor.

Now the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma) will be able to tender, through the company, the contract for the drafting of the construction project and execution of the works for the suppression of telephone blockage in a section of 161.48 kilometers.

Two Extremaduran trains, stopped by the winding of a person in Madrid

The works have an estimated value of 31.7 million euros (VAT not included) and an execution period of 33 months. As detailed by the Ministry, the works include interlocking facilities, train detection systems, ASFA protection (Announcement of Signals and Automatic Braking), fixed and luminous signaling, integration into the Centralized Traffic Control system (CTC ), energy supply, as well as pipes and auxiliary civil works.

Works on the Zafra-Huelva railway will force part of the road trip

The works are divided into these three phases. On the one hand, the design and definition of the necessary security installations: interlocking, train detection systems, train protection systems, fixed and illuminated signaling, integration in the CTC, energy supply, pipelines and auxiliary civil works. Drafting of the construction project for the security installations, execution of the works, tests and commissioning of the security installations and the necessary pre-maintenance tasks until commissioning.

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As a complementary work to the suppression of the telephone blockade, Adif is in the contracting phase for the work, and its subsequent maintenance, of the GSM-R fixed and mobile telecommunications installations on the Villanueva de la Serena-Brazatortas route with a budget of more than 8 million euros (with VAT).

The purpose of the project is to provide GSM-R fixed and mobile telecommunications facilities to this section of the conventional network to match it with the technology deployed in the rest of the line.

The new GSM-R modernizes the current system and provides all the necessary services for communication by radiotelephony between train movements and the Traffic Regulation Center (CRC). Thus, it allows the driver to be in permanent contact with that center and is, in turn, complementary to the installed automatic blocking signaling systems with Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) that already operate on the rest of the line.

Renovation of the Ciudad Real-Mérida line

The total investment that Mitma has planned for the renovation of the Ciudad Real-Mérida line will exceed 400 million euros.

To what has already been mentioned above, it must be added, among other actions, that Adif has already renovated more than 57 km of the line between Ciudad Real and Mérida, with the aim of improving the condition and reliability of the infrastructure, as well as increasing the levels comfort for users. These works have involved a global investment of 40.5 million euros (VAT included).

In addition, the Ministry recalls that this same summer the contract for the renewal of the Brazatortas-Guadalmez section (Ciudad Real) was awarded, which will involve an investment of around 54 million euros (VAT included), including materials.

This action may be co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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