Friday, March 24

Google launches its new chat created by AI to compete with ChatGPT

the google company launched this Monday a new chat created by artificial intelligence (AI) called Bardin an apparent response to the ChatGPT of its competitor Microsoft and which has achieved great popularity in little more than two months of life

In a note signed on a corporate blog by Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, he details that Bard has so far been tested with trusted people before opening it to the general public “in the coming weeks”.

Without providing details, he explains that Bard pulls its information from the web “to provide fresh, high-quality answers,” and points out that it can be used for creative purposes but also for purely informative purposes, and gives some examples: it would help a 9-year-old boy to understand the James Webb super-telescope or to learn more about the best goalscorers in current football.

Other uses of the Bard chat could be, according to the note issued by Pichai, planning a “baby shower” for a friend (pre-birth party), comparing two Oscar-nominated films or designing a menu according to the foods available in a refrigerator.

The first version of Bard you will need a small byte sizeto adapt to computers with less capacity, while Google manages to increase the “feedback” (return information) that will allow it to extend it to new types of users, with more powerful needs.

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This gradual process will make Bard gaining speed and qualityexplains the note.

At no time is the competition mentioned, but analysts stress that Google’s new chat is evidently the technology giant’s response to its great competitor, Microsoft, which is seeing the ChatGPT developed together with the firm grow in popularity and versatility. Open AIwhose potential is already being discussed (but also its ethical limits) for educational purposes in schools and universities.

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