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Google Maps brings changes and improvements to Spain: this is what you need to know


Warn about low-emission zones where traffic is restricted and will be faster and easier for users and drivers to handle

Google Maps brings changes and improvements to Spain
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Google Maps will expand in the coming months its tools with artificial intelligence to warn of Low Emission Zones, show temperature and weather conditions with a new meteorological layer and a new navigation interface that unify routes and modes of transport, and expand the Assistant’s driving mode to Spain.

Google plans to introduce more than a hundred improvements driven by artificial intelligence to its map service that will arrive throughout this year, so that users have access to more accurate and up-to-date information, as reported Tuesday in a statement.

These new features include the extension of Live View functions to the interior of shopping centers, transport interchanges or airports, in such a way that being able to indicate the way to elevators, escalators, lockers or the door by means of RA arrows. boarding, among other elements. It will also indicate on which floor a certain store is located and how to get to her.

Indoor Live View is already available for Android and iOS in some cities in the United States, and in the coming months it will be implemented in several airports, malls and transport interchanges of Tokyo (Japan) and Zrich (Switzerland).

Google Maps will also introduce a new meteorological layer, which will allow to know the current and forecast temperature and weather conditions for a certain area. And one new layer of air quality to indicate whether it is healthy or not, a tool that can be useful for people who have allergies or in almost areas prone to pollution or fires.

These layers use data from services like The Weather Company,, and Central, and will begin rolling out to Android and iOS in the coming months. The weather layer be available globally and the air quality layer will launch first in Australia, India and the United States.

Google is also building a new fuel-efficient routing model that takes into account factors such as gradients and road traffic congestion, which will be launched first in the United States, in 2007. Android e iOS, by the end of this year and gradually reaching the whole world.

With it, Google Maps can suggest the route with the lowest carbon footprint by default, as long as the estimated time of arrival is similar to that of the fastest route. In the event that this route considerably increases the estimated time of arrival, the user you will be able to compare the relative impact on emissions of both routes and choose the one you want.

Google Maps for drivers

Google Maps will also introduce new alert systems that will warn users when they approach a road. Low Emission Zone, in which the circulation of polluting vehicles is prohibited. They will be available in June in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain and the United Kingdom for Android and iOS.

These tools for sustainable mobility will be complemented by a new navigation interface, which will show a complete view of all the routes and modes of transport available for the chosen destination, and the user will be able to compare how long it takes to arrive by car, public transport or bicycle, without having to change several tabs.

Through the use of advanced machine learning models, the map service will automatically prioritize the user preferred modesas well as the most popular modes in your city. This feature will be rolling out worldwide in the coming months, on Android and iOS.

Finally, the Assistant’s driving mode will be expanded to 13 new countries, including Spain, in the next few months. This mode allows drivers to use their voice to send and receive calls and text messages, or to check new messages from multiple messaging applications in one place, or to read text messages without leaving the navigation screen.

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