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Google Maps: the latest and new functionality of the app with which you will say goodbye to crowds

Google Maps: the latest and new functionality of the app with which you will say goodbye to crowds

Google Maps: the latest and new functionality of the app with which you will say goodbye to crowds

We have recently shown you different functions that you may not have known about Google MapsGoogle Maps: as see the price of gasoline, as see all DGT radars, the driving mode, it is included see the traffic lights in the app. Now we teach you how to see if there are crowds in the metro, bus or train stations.

The pandemic by conornavirus has done descend abruptlye displacements in public transport for fear of catching it from other users. But now we can travel more relaxed, already one new Google Maps function shows us if there are crowds at the bus, metro or train stops that we are going to travel to reach our destination.

To find out, you just have to put the place where we want to go, and select the public transport option. Now, in the information of the station itself a message is included that says “Real time” and then tells us how many people are there at that very moment. It may indicate that “It is as busy as ever “, “It’s a bit crowded”As well as it is very busy or less crowded than usual. In this way, through the new function and Google Maps to see the agglomerations in public transport, we can decide if we want to travel at that time or wait later to reduce the risk of possible COVID infections, or simply in case we do not want to suffer long waits.

And is that if you select the message of the station with the current situation, a time bar will appear in which it indicates how you expect the busy station to be in the next few hours. That’s thanks to the new functionality offers this information through the combination of its artificial intelligence, the history of the indicated location and the contributions of the people who use it. Google Maps.

Each user can put in real time how busy the station is. In the station information, and more specifically in response to the question “How is this vehicle going?”, now includes a bar that says “There are not too many people”, which when pressed allows us to select: “It is almost empty”, “There are not too many people”, “Quite full”, “It is practically full” or, directly, “Full”. In this way we will be informing the rest of users how the station is at that moment.

All of this has been done, According to Google, applying “first-class anonymization technology and differential privacy techniques to location history data to ensure that your data remains safe and private”.

The traffic agglomeration predictions from Google Maps (available in Android e iOS) are expanding to more than 10,000 cities in 100 countriesAnd in places like New York and Sydney, they are already testing the ability to see information about crowds live even inside wagons. This feature is based on data from agencies like Long Island Rail Road and Transport for New South Wales, with more cities coming soon.

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