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Google ties its cable in Sopela with a capacity of 200,000 million tweets per second between Europe and the USA


The second submarine cable between the two continents has 16 pairs of fibers and connects New York with the Spanish coast and the United Kingdom

Two ships bring Google's new submarine cable closer to the Biscay coast
Two ships bring Google’s new submarine cable to the Biscay coast before mooring on the Biscay beach of Arrietara.

The beach of Arrietara in Sopela (Vizcaya) It is the entrance door of the two Underwater data superhighways that connect United States with Europe. Facebook and Microsoft, first and GoogleFrom today, under the sand of the most surfing beach in Euskadi, they hide the two transoceanic fiber cables that guarantee the data storage and distribution services of the giants of new technologies. Google, with the collaboration of Telefnica, has tied up the ‘Grace Cooper’ cable this morning, which doubles the capacity of its competition, by allowing the transmission of more than 200 billion tweets per second.

Google with Telsiux -infrastructure company created in 2016 by Telefnica- have linked New York with the Basque coast with a new cable made up of 32 fibers which guarantees the speed of the services provided by the North American multinational. Google has linked this connection with its commitment to “Spain’s economic recovery” after the Covid-19 crisis. The Google-owned cable runs to the south coast of the UK where it enters the Bude coastline.

Google’s transocenic cable runs more than 6,000 kilometers along the seabed and incorporates a new “fiber switching” technology that improves the performance of these data communication channels which, together with satellites, constitute the pillars of data transmission in new technologies. The 340 Terabytes per second capacity would facilitate according to the explanations given by Google to the transmission of 4,000 videos per second among 17.5 million users. Other equivalences to understand the capacity of this connection system is that they would facilitate sending in one second the equivalent in information to the content of 340 million books.

An enormous transmission capacity at enormous speed with which Google guarantees the development of business services such as Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace.

Spain is connected to the rest of the world through 27 submarine cables and Google’s on Arrietara beach has been the last in a strategy to be a “data hub, where the connectivity of multiple regions of the world takes place.” , as explained by the general director of telecommunications of the Spanish Government Arturo Azcorra. A shared objective with the Basque Government that aims to increase the presence of these connections on this Biscay beach, which has become a “telepuerto”. Currently, 95% of the information data Shared on the internet is transmitted through cables between continents located at the bottom of the oceans.

The arrival of the Google cable in Bizkaia occurs four years after Facebook and Microsoft, also with the collaboration of Telsiux, tied up their cable ‘Marea’ as a Virginia Beach with the Spanish coast. An infrastructure with which Microsoft guaranteed the provision of services such as Bing, Office 365, Skype or Xbox Live, while Facebook blocks connectivity with its customers.

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