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Google’s invasion plan in the automotive world

Volvo, Ford, Renault, Honda …


The company announced this week that Honda joins the brands that will carry their Android operating system as standard in their cars

Volvo and Polestar are the manufacturers that already sell models with the integrated Google operating system.
Volvo and Polestar are the manufacturers that already sell models with the integrated Google operating system.
  • Models in 2023 Ford and Google connect

The multinational Google has announced this week a series of updates to the driving assistant Google Drive, Android Auto and, beyond mobile phones, for cars that will have integrated navigation systems, location and services, installed directly by the manufacturer.

The last brand to bet on this Android Auto operating system has been Honda, which from the second half of 2022 launch models with integrated Google, as they have already agreed General Motors, Ford, Polestar, Volvo Cars y Renault. In the United States, Polestar 2 and the Volvo XC40 Recharge can already be purchased with Google integrated and among the models that will carry it is the Renault Mgane E-Tech. No German manufacturer. Negotiations take time, they reply from Silicon Valley.

Between the copilot functions developed by Google highlight the way to find services of all kinds just with the voice, without the need to touch more than one button and avoiding distractions on the road. These services can be logistics, entertainment, reading and answering messages and a long etc..

An order to find an electric station to recharge the electric vehicle finds the answer a map with the best options, prices and waiting and recharging times. A battery thermal management support via Google Maps allows you to bring it to the ideal temperature for the process to be completed as quickly as possible. A system with which the manufacturer can be more comfortable with the guarantee of their batteries.

New services

The improvements in the Android system used by more than 100 million cars through the mobile phone allow you to see recommendations of all kinds by the Google Assistant. When starting, Android Auto will show by default the app that has been previously chosen. Likewise, use the SIM indicated if the phone has two of these cards. For those who leave the vehicle little, because they work there, Android will show you the ‘Work Profile’ in which they will check the date and time of their meetings or professional messages.

In a car park or in the charging queue, for example, you will have access to your favorite video game to make the wait more bearable.

“Pay for the gas”

Another service that allows the driver to forget about paperwork is payment for services just by ordering it by voice. Google, pay for gas and the phone will do whatever it takes, with all the security guarantees, to do it in the gas stations arranged with Google (2,500 already in the United States). Logically it is not going to stay in just that. The trade in the data (which has not been clearly explained) and what the companies offering the service will pay the middle man. Google’s recommendations for refueling or drinking coffee in one place or another are worth their weight in gold.

Alphabet, google matrix, a system, Waymo, with which he has tested urban transport with taxis (Waymo One) or merchandise delivery (Waymo Via) in cities in Arizona and California. Waymo is moving slowly and must have slowed down more after the resignation of its CEO, John Krafcik, in April. The autonomous car is still decades away, so Google continues to delve into what its business has specialized in: communication, navigation and introduction of services for the millions of users of its driver services.

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