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GoPro Hero 9: A perfect camera with two drawbacks

GoPro outdoes itself but still inherits two major problems with its new camera

GoPro Hero 9
GoPro Hero 9
  • Gadgets GoPro Hero 8: Cheaper, compatible with external microphones and with higher quality
  • Gadgets GoPro Max: The best stabilization on the market for 500 euros

The first thing that surprised me about the GoPro Hero 9 was its size. A little bigger and heavier than its predecessors. Otherwise it is like a traditional GoPro only with a second front screen. It is not a great aesthetic change, but its contribution is remarkable: it is most useful for framing if you record yourself speaking to the camera and most intrusive if you use it to steal.

The essence of the GoPro Hero 9 remains intact compared to the products that have made it an iconic brand: great image quality, brutal stabilization, horizon alignment (something that until now only the GoPro Max offered) that allows you to record videos of cinema even if you have a pulse to steal tambourines and ideal presets to make timelapses (accelerated videos) ideal for long journeys or to capture the movement of people in some iconic place.

It is the evolution of the off-road camera par excellence and that means that you can basically make it all the kennels you want and the camera will hold you without complaint: it holds the mud, you can submerge it in water up to 10 meters deep, it can fall on you. to the ground and you can pick it up with the peace of mind of knowing that you have not screwed up a machine that has cost you almost 400 euros.

Another of the great novelties that the GoPro Hero 9 brings is imported from the police dashcam function, which has become increasingly popular in the United States. It has a sleep mode in which when you press the camera’s record button, it will have recorded what has happened in the previous 30 seconds of the scene. Something that is tremendously useful to not miss any moment during a trip or an adventure.

Like its predecessor, the GoPro Hero 9 offers the possibility (sharing them separately) to add accessories such as a 155-degree ultra-wide angle lens, a multimedia module with a built-in directional microphone, an extra screen accessory and a built-in spotlight.

To put it in short, this new GoPro has all the good things that made this great brand but, at the same time, it continues to drag one of its big flaws: its poor performance when the light is low.

While using a GoPro when lighting conditions are good (in the snow, which acts as a mirror or on the beach during the day) is a tremendously satisfying experience because the camera captures a beautiful image with enviable resolution, using it in bad light conditions seem like a pretty frustrating experience.

GoPro Hero 9’s big problem: shooting in low light is frustrating

As with its predecessors, recording with this new GoPro at dusk is practically a guarantee that, when you go to review the video, you will not see anything at all, although it will help you to realize that it has a good microphone for a camera sporty.

To be fair, it is imperative to mention that this is an endemic problem that affects all sports cameras equally: neither the direct competition of DJI, nor the hundreds of Chinese clones that can be bought for 40 euros on Amazon are capable of capturing scenes with low light decently.

In those cases, the only thing you can do is equip yourself with a torch or a flashlight with many power lumens or start recording with your mobile, which although it does not work wonders in low light, at least it is capable of capturing a scene of these. characteristics.

The second big problem with the GoPro Hero 9: its price

Although GoPro’s coming onto the market are increasingly priced over time, this remains a significant barrier to entry for many consumers.

The most basic kit for the new GoPro Hero 9 (which includes the camera, a magnetic rotating clip, a spare battery, a floating grip, a 32 GB SD card and a carrying case) retails for 379.98 euros and includes a one-year subscription to GoPro.

The good, the ugly, the bad of the GoPro Hero 9

The good: It is the excellence of sports cameras

The ugly: Its price (379 euros) can make many potential consumers not dare to take the step of buying it

The bad: In bad light conditions, it leaves something to be desired

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