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Gorka Santamaría makes Badajoz immortal

Luckily he didn’t go. Gorka Santamaría puts Badajoz into orbit, which he makes immortal with goals. He has scored 22 games and the black and white team without losing. Dani Aquino rounded off a magical night with an Olympic goal that put the Nuevo Vivero on its feet. The black and white team had a real litmus test to gauge the true measure of their reaction after the arrival of Isaac Jové before all a super Depor that sees how each day its intended first place in direct ascent escapes a little more.

The Galicians arrived wounded and Badajoz finished it off in a superb match, in which to put all the senses and cover many kilometers. And in that demonstration of courage, commitment, solidarity and ambition, the great favorite of the group was snacked on.

The game could not have started better for Badajoz. In the first approach he went ahead and put more pressure on a Deportivo distressed by their bump in results. In addition, Gorka Santamaría scored it, which is synonymous with the fact that the black and white team does not lose. And to give it greater symbolic enhancement, the goal arrived just at 7:05 p.m. Better impossible.

Badajoz was already halfway there, but Deportivo began to take over. Even the weather aligned with the Galicians because it did not stop raining. And in his push he scared the stands with a shot at Miku’s post when he picked up a loose ball in a bad rebound from the local defense. He had control, although the people of Badajoz did not care too much. Quite the contrary. They felt comfortable. Badajoz was very confident at the back with Pardo as a marshal submitting Miku to the point of boredom, well supported by his lieutenant Gorka Pérez.

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The black and white team fell back well and went out quickly looking for the exit towards Aquino and Gorka Santamaría. In one of those skirmishes, Jesús Clemente connected with the Basque within the area that left it on Aquino’s arrival, but the Murcian wanted to adjust it so much to the crosshead that he left slightly off target.

The New Nursery enjoyed with his team despite the soaking. Then Zelu tried it from the edge but Mackay stopped very carefully.

Deportivo was aware of how much was at stake and harassed the black and white without actually biting. Badajoz, very well placed and with Miguel Núñez leading the group, did not allow him any joy. It was a game to roll up their sleeves, not to concede a single meter and go down to the galleys to bail out water. That was done by the sensational team from Badajoz with an outstanding choral work without giving away any effort.


Gonzalo Crettaz; Dani Fernández, Pardo, Gorka Pérez, Josema Gallego; Jesús Clemente (Adilson, min. 88), Miguel Núñez, Isi Gómez (Otegui, min. 75), Zelu (David Concha, min. 61); Dani Aquino (Adri Cuevas, min. 75) and Gorka Santamaría (Tahiru, min. 88).


Mackay; Trilli, La Peña, Juergen, Aguirre (De Vicente, min. 73); Villares, Calavera (William, min. 46), Jaime (Barn, min. 46); Mario Soriano, Noel and Miku (Quiles, min. 46).

  • goals
    1-0: Gorka Santamaría, min. 5. 2-0: Gorka Santamaría, min. 47. 3-0: Dani Aquino, min. 72.

  • Referee
    Roman Roman (Castilian Leonese). He admonished Otegui (87) and Miguel Núñez (89) at Badajoz and William (85), Juergen (89) and La Peña (90) at Deportivo.

  • Incidents
    About 5,000 spectators in the Nuevo Vivero, about 120 Deportivo fans in Fondo Norte. Guzman Casaseca. again only institutional representation in the box. The club had a memory with the season ticket holder Miguel Ángel Corral Zambrano, who recently passed away. During the break, the Badajoz cadet B team was honored for becoming champions of their league.

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Badajoz knew how to handcuff the beast and as soon as he left the locker room he gave him the almost definitive blow. He couldn’t see Borja Jiménez clearly and at the break he made three changes at once. The second half began like the first with another blow from the lion Gorka Santamaría that caused the delirium of the New Nursery. Dani Aquino had tried it before on two consecutive occasions. And without respite, Gorka Santamaría arrived to put the heavenly music to the New Nursery.

Then Jesús Clemente hit a counter with power that Mackay cleared as best he could.

But Dani Aquino would sign up for the party to make the New Nursery dance with an Olympic goal. The stadium celebrated it in a big way and minutes later he said goodbye to the Murcian standing up. Gorka Santamaría would also receive recognition from him when he was replaced by Tahiru from a Nuevo Vivero totally dedicated and in ecstasy.

Badajoz has put the direct towards the playoff. There is still some distance, but he is willing to die on his feet.

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