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Gossip No Like shares controversial information that hits Toni Costa and Adamari López

Adamari López and Toni Costa.

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Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, drivers of Chisme No Like They continue to investigate what is behind the separation of Toni Costa and Adamari López. Some fans, as in this program, have expressed their opinion about the possibility that there is a third person involved and point to Toni as a possible person responsible.

Ceriani and Elisa say that rumors have been revolving around Toni for a long time that expose the possibility that in his life there are men with whom he may have been linked on a sentimental level. They stated that even the magazine People in spanish He has already featured comments about it in one of his posts.

The note to which they refer in their presentation is entitled: “Toni Costa causes chaos with this daring new look“. Within the text of the same they indicated the following sentence: “Adamari López’s love has had reactions of all kinds with this change. There are even those who doubt their sexuality. This is how the dancer answers them“.

With this information Ceriani states: “We -Chisme no Like- were not the first to talk about Toni Costa’s sexuality, or to take him out of the closet. We didn’t do that ”.

After the clarification with the publication of People en Español, the hosts shared with their followers what their “cockroaches” -informants- have shared with them about the supposed private life of the choreographer of Mira Quien Baila, a Univision program.

Our cucuracha tells us that Adamari knew it from the beginning”Elisa asserted. “Because he told her that he didn’t fall in love with a man or a woman. He allegedly told her that he fell in love with the heart. All of this tells us about Adamari’s low self-esteem. And also at the time, in confidence, Rashel and Adamari’s close friends know it; he told her that in her youth she fell in love with a man. This Adamari knew, supposedly, is that even his father knew about these relationships.

“When Adamari became pregnant, it was four years that she lived with the suspicion that there had been a man named Ubaldo -in the past of Toni Costa-. And they tell us – their informants – that the problems – arose – when the girl, both of them, was two years old and Toni meets the first love of her life – who according to the informant of the program, he had when she was barely 18 years old – and he comments to Adamari and in fact introduces him to his boyfriend, by name Ángel Jesús Gallegos, who is Colombian“.

They explain that Toni told Adamari that this did not happen from something other than a crush. “Our informant says that Adamari was blind to all this evidence. But in 2018 he found gay pornography – Toni- “, stated Elisa Beristain. Who also added that Adamari was contacted by a person who wanted to extort her, asking for money ”. Drivers Chisme No Like They say that this person told him that if he did not pay a certain amount of money they would go -the information- to the magazines.

“In addition to having found him pornography, he also found messages with a new partner named Ángel López. This is something very strong, “said the driver.

Javier added that at Univision Nobody believed that there really was a relationship between Toni and Adamari, they believed that everything was part of the Mira Quien Baila reality show, because of his past, because according to the Argentine they already knew about the sexual preferences of the Spanish.

Here the video with the exhibitions of Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain:

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