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Gossip No Like: “Univision is hiding evidence of Raúl de Molina and his abuse of celebrities”

Gossip No lIke: “Univision is hiding evidence of Raúl de Molina’s abuse of some famous women.” Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain say that the channel has deleted videos of “El Jacuzzi del Gordo”.

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A Raul de Molina, driver The fat and the skinny, the complaints continue to fall like rice. It turns out that there are several famous women who have made statements about “Fat“Stating that the same hand has gone, especially when they were invited to”The Gordo Jacuzzi“. Now, the drivers of “Chisme No Like“, Javier Ceriani Y Elisa beristain they assure: “Univision he is hiding evidence of Raúl de Molina and his abuse of celebrities ”, as they say that they are deleting videos where Raúl is supposedly seen“ touching ”in a“ casual ”way the artists in question.

They say that the Univision television plant does not care about the movement “Me Too“, Nor the victims and that proof of that is the fact that they are eliminating the entire section they had on the Youtube of Univision dedicated to “El Gordo’s Jacuzzi”From Molina. Likewise, the presenters of “Gossip No Like” showed videos where, according to them, these claims they have made about one of the largest television networks within the United States are verified. USA.

“This is Univision network clowning, a shame that the news department makes this hideout. A channel that gets into politics, that thinks about the problems of this country and that until today cares a bit about women and family values ​​because this shows the impudence that the largest chain in this country, Hispanic, has. … Latina .. That they are hiding evidence. What a shame! ” Javier Ceriani with a very firm voice.

For its part, Elisa beristain He cataloged them as “Fools” while adding: “When you delete them, you are admitting … Let’s see, here he did behave badly and in this one he did not … Most of them deleted some and left those that could be shown …”

This is another edge that adds to the complaints made by some artists such as Lucia Mendez, Virggi Lopez, Graciela Beltran. They have affirmed that, When they have subsequently claimed these alleged undue touching, Raúl de Molina has offered his apologies. They have also said that they do not feel abused or traumatized., but they were very taken aback when they felt the presenter’s hand. In the case of Lucía Méndez, “El Gordo” went to greet her, she raised her arms and he grabbed her bubbles, according to the Mexican herself.

Undoubtedly, this implies a low point in the career of Raúl de Molina, who is not often seen involved in a scandal. Until now, the companion of Lili Estefan It has not responded to these accusations and Univision has not done so on behalf of the program that is broadcast on its signal.

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