Sunday, February 25

Government and Police of Trujillo hold a meeting, but without agreement

The staff of the Local Police continues without making reinforcements. / JSPs

Local agents are not making reinforcements which, together with the lack of personnel, means that some services are not covered

Representatives of the Local Police and political leaders had an approach yesterday, in the form of a meeting, to try to reach an agreement on the demands of the agents. In this meeting, which lasted nearly two hours, members of the Government team, the Chief Officer of the agents and the union delegates participated. Although it took place in a good atmosphere, for now, a solution has not been reached and the Local Police will continue, for the time being, without making reinforcements. Municipal sources acknowledge that they cannot be forced to work overtime.

“The meeting has served to clarify the positions of the two parties and there is a good disposition,” these same sources point out. Likewise, it is recalled that work is being done to be able to apply the List of Job Positions (RPT), according to the law, which will affect not only the police sector but all City Council workers.

It must be remembered that one of the demands of the local agents is the application of the RPT of 2017, which recognizes what they consider a right, such as specific complements when it comes to nights, Sundays, holidays and shifts. As it is not included in any regulations, since February 1, they stopped making reinforcements that, together with the lack of personnel in the police workforce, is causing certain services to not be covered or there is only one agent. Already, one of the delegates, Oscar Crespo, told this newspaper a few days ago that once this list of jobs is applied, nights will be held again and they will cover parties and events.

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After the meeting held yesterday, Crespo also acknowledged that it had taken place in a good atmosphere and that both parties intend to solve the problem. Along these lines, he affirms that the police remain open to dialogue to try to reach an agreement. At yesterday’s meeting, “they asked us to have faith in them, but they don’t know to what extent they can apply the RPT, or when, or if the law is going to let them apply it,” says this delegate. Faced with this proposal, he believes that they will not change their decision and will continue without making reinforcements, in the absence of discussing it with his colleagues. He recognizes that they need something more concrete and tangible. In fact, he has proposed that there could be some interim measure until that RPT arrives.

Oscar Crespo insists that road safety and traffic regulation in the urban area is the responsibility of the Police. In fact, he points out that, due to the lack of troops, there were incidents with vehicles, pedestrians and runners in the duathlon held a few days ago. Therefore, he hopes that a solution will be found soon. “We know what’s coming and we want to help,” he adds.

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