Wednesday, October 27

Government measures will reduce the electricity bill between 25 and 28 euros per month

A bill for electricity consumption.

A bill for electricity consumption.

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) calculates that the application of the measures approved by the Government to contain the climbing on the electricity bill will mean a reduction of between 24.83 and 28.05 euros in the electricity bill of an average household (4.6 kW and 3,500 kWh).

Is about a reduction of between 28% and 33% if electricity prices in the wholesale market remain at values ​​similar to those registered between June and September.

In the event that they remain the prices of the first fortnight of September, the main reduction, of 17.22 euros, will correspond to the concept of invoice charges, which has reduced both the power term and the price of KWh (especially during peak hours) in anticipation of the income that will be produced by the contributions of electricity generating plants that, without having gas as a raw material, they are benefiting from high prices in the wholesale market.

The rest of the savings are the result of reducing the Electricity Tax to 0.5%, in addition to the previous reduction of VAT to 10%, which translates into an additional discount of up to 3.60 and 7.23 euros respectively, leaving the invoice for September at 72.27 euros for an average household.

OCU remember that these measures only “partially” reduce the very high bills which are paying a large part of Spanish households due to the rise in electricity prices, but will not prevent bills from continuing to record record amounts, unless there is a reduction in wholesale prices.

OCU considers that these measures They “point in the right direction” and involve accepting the organization’s historical demands. In addition, remember that as long as the price of gas and CO2 rights remain high, the generation plants will only reduce the extraordinary and unforeseen income that they are receiving for this reason, despite the fact that their costs have not undergone any modification.

In any case, OCU considers that there are Other important pending measures, such as giving the previous ones a permanent character and then continuing with a reform of the social bonus that facilitates accessibility to all households (more than 1.2 million should be beneficiaries of this voucher and do not have it contracted) with measures that facilitate its automatic application according to income criteria and its extension to marketers in the free market, that these discounts could apply to your current rate catalog.

In addition, companies should be forced to publish the complete catalog of their different rates, whether fixed or indexed, so that users can easily find out and compare them, which will undoubtedly boost real competition in the electricity market, according to the organization. .

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