Thursday, December 9

Government of Cuba began vaccinating children as young as two years old against COVID-19

Case increases continue to grow on the island daily.

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The Cuban government of Miguel Diaz-Canel An unusual process of vaccinating two-year-old children against COVID-19 began, with the intention that they return to school in person, the island’s media reported.

It could be the first case of a country that provides the anticovid vaccine to children, since at the discretion of the Cuban authorities, the doses created by themselves they are safe to supply them to people of that ageThis despite the fact that most countries have opposed vaccinating children.

After the arrival of the pandemic, the most common methods of education in the Antillean nation have been through television programs with educational content, which are broadcast during several hours of the day to a population that suffers from regulation and internet shortage on a constant basis.

Meanwhile, the vaccination process for children of approximately two years began through a pediatric vaccination campaign in the province of Cienfuegos, located in southern Cuba. CNN.

It is believed that there has been an increase in infections by children within the island linked to the delta variant, which is why they have entered a status of “priority”, as well as the elderly, health workers and people who live in marginalized areas.

“With the increase in positive cases of COVID-19 in children, it is necessary for the family to protect itself more and thus we are protecting our children and adolescents”Dr. Francisco Durán García, Cuba’s chief epidemiologist, told CNN.

Cuba has tried to focus its plans to prevent the spread of COVID by creating its own vaccines, this with the intention of not depending on other countries for import. Abdala is the best known so far, and has had the approval of local health authorities; however, the WHO has not yet given the endorsement for it to be considered safe.

According to information from the Cuban Ministry of Health, more than 4 million citizens are vaccinated, despite the fact that the number of cases and deaths have been increasing. According to figures from the New York Times, around 721 thousand infections and 6,056 deaths.

The Cuban government also stated that they estimate to vaccinate more than 90% of the population before they reopen their maritime borders in mid-November.

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