Friday, December 9

Government partners accuse the emeritus of being “a republican factory”

They charge harshly against Juan Carlos I after his visit to Spain and ask the socialists not to veto the investigative commissions in Congress

Miguel Angel Alfonso

The visit of the emeritus king to Spain, which ended with an 11-hour meeting this Monday at the Palacio de la Zarzuela with his son, Felipe VI, has left a trail of complaints among the usual allies of the PSOE in this legislature. The minority partner of the Government, United We Can, believes that Juan Carlos I “has laughed at all Spaniards” and calls for “advancing towards the republican horizon”, as the spokesman for the purple parliamentary group, Pablo Echenique, expressed on Tuesday.

The Podemos deputy insists that the inviolability of the Head of State “is a problem that humiliates our democracy”, although he has shown some indifference to the possibility that the emeritus establishes his habitual residence in Spain, as the Royal House has advanced. «For us it is a deeper issue, it is the rupture of the principle of equality of Spaniards before the law. He is a man who has committed a crime and has no criminal charge. The only way to recover the equality of Spaniards before the law is called a republic », he added.

Just as harsh has been Esquerra’s spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, who has urged Juan Carlos I to “go to court to give explanations.” “Let him live where he wants to live, but let him pay for it and let the monarchy stand for election,” he has settled before adding that the visit makes him “ashamed.”

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Ferrán Bel, the PdCat spokesman, recalled the explanations given this Tuesday by the Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, who said she felt “disappointed”, to ask the PSOE not to veto the investigative commissions related to the emeritus in the Congress of the deputies. “I am sure that the socialists are going to rethink their decision,” she said.

Missed opportunity for the government

The PSOE itself, in the words of its parliamentary spokesman, Héctor Gómez, considers that Juan Carlos I “has lost an enormous opportunity to explain to the public, regardless of the closure of the case by the Prosecutor’s Office”, although they consider his decision “timely”. meeting this Monday with Felipe VI. As for the possibility that he set his habitual residence in Spain, the Socialists do not object.

For its part, the Government, through its spokesperson Isabel Rodríguez, has stressed today that the emeritus has lost the opportunity to offer explanations and has taken the opportunity to value the parliamentary monarchy, the work of Felipe VI and the royal decree of transparency approved by the Government itself. In addition, on the controversial visit of the emeritus to Spain, he has clarified that “the priority of the Government is in other matters” and has recalled that the king emeritus has had “unacceptable” behavior and that the head of state deserved that he had offered an explanation of those behaviors “in which the majority of Spaniards do not reflect ourselves”.

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