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Governor Cuomo’s Manhattan office was taken over by dozens of protesters and with a shout: Resign!

Building 633 at Third Avenue in Manhattan, where Governor Andrew Cuomo has an executive office in New York City, received this Wednesday from very early a wave of protesters in the middle of a political and legal dispute that in the last hours has put him “on the ropes” again, after the State Attorney General’s Office concluded that the state president “Sexually harassed” at least 11 women between 2013 and 2020.

Elected Democratic leaders, community leaders, candidates for the municipal elections next November and hundreds of families, mostly Hispanic, gathered in a single shout demanding the resignation of Cuomo.

Among the protesters were state legislators such as Senator Julia Salazar, who joined the growing exhortation of resignation, because in his opinion it is clear that according to the investigations he transgressed the laws: “Each of the women who he harmed, deserve no less.”

The New York Legislature has already formally launched investigations into sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior against the Governor, which would lead to an impeachment trial that could last weeks or months. And, finally, in his dismissal.

María Cordones: “It is important at this time a governor who is 100% attentive to the problems of the most vulnerable.” (Photo: F. Martínez)

“He will not have time to rule”

At this crossroads of trials and accusations Bronx community leader Maria Cordones has other concerns.

“As long as the State continues in this conflict, there are many vital problems for the most vulnerable that will not be a priority. Well, we are going to have a governor defend himself. Focused on his political future. That is why it seems to us that the most reasonable thing is for him to separate from the position, so that the New Yorkers follow your course“Said the Dominican.

Also the Colombian feminist activist, Martha Guerra, 50 years old, was mixed among the protesters warning that a powerful message must be sent to the world from New York, against the alleged abusers.

“New York is a showcase to the world. It is very positive for this country, that if justice determines and verifies that Cuomo is indeed an abuser, it remains as an example of what it can happen to a man in power if it spreads. Let us remember that in our countries, the powerful even abuse girls and nothing happens. This is a civilized nation “, analyzed Guerra, a Manhattan resident.

In tune with Maria and Martha is the state senator Gustavo Rivera, one of the many elected leaders who at this rally in downtown Manhattan, put the ‘finger on the trigger’ against Cuomo.

“As long as this man continues in the Governor’s Office, no we can solve the problems of our communities. His resignation may lead to a transition for the state to function again. We have that part of his team has the only priority to defend him. And they have abandoned efficiency that is needed in these difficult moments of pandemic recovery ”, considered the legislator.

In the midst of the flood of opinions, some passersby also came out in defense of the Democratic ruler who aspires to re-election for a new term in 2022.

This is the case of the Puerto Rican teacher Lourdes Salado, 45, who shouted at the protesters: “I assure you that none of you has read the investigation of the Prosecutor. What are the tests? Now everyone is a sexual abuser ”.

Juamaane Williams, New York City Ombudsman. “With other abuses Cuomo has washed his hands.” (Photo: F. Martínez)

Voices from here and there: Get out!

The Ombudsman from New York City, Jumaane Williams, put her finger on other wounds.

“For many months now, Cuomo has abused many New Yorkers and he has washed his hands. There are other very pending issues that we will not forget. For example your decisions regarding nursing homes during the beginning of the pandemic ”, recalled the official.

Williams finished off from that ‘rostrum’ in which Third Avenue became, surrounded by mostly protesters working class immigrants: “For your sake and the good of New Yorkers, Cuomo resign!”

The state president has denied all the allegations, but a long list of fellow Democrats in recent hours, including President Joe Biden, have asked Cuomo to leave office.

Earlier, Curtis Sliwa, republican candidate the Mayor of New York also headed Cuomo’s offices with a dozen of his supporters, predictably, to charge With all his strength against the president.

“Pack your bags now and go. Get a new job in lobbying, because it is obvious that you are a friend of great businessmen ”, he ironized.

The Republican candidate for Mayor of New York City demanded that the governor “pack his bags.” (Photo: F. Martínez)

Poll: 59% demand that you leave

A poll conducted this Tuesday night empresa Marist Poll and shared by the digital medium ‘Crain´s NY Business’ it compiled that “59% of New Yorkers contacted, including Democrats and Registered Republicans, said the Governor should resign after the explosive revelations in the investigation of State Attorney General Letitia James.”

In addition, 59% responded in the survey that the state Legislature should act to impeach Cuomo if you don’t leave the post.

Marist interviewed 614 adults in the state who were contacted randomly by their landline or mobile number. Of the participants, 542 were registered voters.

The figures show that support for the Governor has crumbled. Only the 12% of New Yorkers Marist interviewed said he should be re-elected, compared to 36% who supported his reelection in a February poll.

Edith Servantes, a Corona resident in Queens, is afraid of staying homeless. (Photo: F. Martínez)

Governor: Pay attention to our pain!

This Wednesday the presence of the leadership of at least ten community-based organizations of New York City in the vicinity of Cuomo’s office in the city, it made sense not only to put more fuel to the resignation requests to the New York Governor, but to claim that while there is a slowness in the rent payment assistance programs , August 31 the term of rent moratorium ends.

A reality that puts in the abyss thousands of families.

One of those families that could be left on the streets, if the programs to help the defaulters of rent are not hurried, is that of the Mexican Edith Servantes, who demanded along with his children that the moratorium plan be extended until next year.

“Since April 2020 my rent is in arrears. I have had to send my documents twice because the first time I sent them there was a problem and they did not find the application in the system. We ask the governor not to make life more difficult for us. May this path facilitate us. That regardless of their political and judicial problems, pay attention to the pain that many families are left without a home, ”said the Queens resident.

Make the Road New York (MTRNY) spokesperson Yatziri Tovar argued that this protest flared for many reasons.

“The report of the Prosecutor’s Office makes it clear to us once again that Governor Cuomo not fit to rule at the moment. For over a year we have had to fight for the excluded workers fund and income relief plans. And the only thing we find they are obstacles and slowness“Observed Tovar.

If the State Assembly and the Governor do not pass an eviction moratorium, the scenario is that next fall hundreds of renters in the Big Apple could begin to be taken to court to initiate eviction lawsuits. For this reason, organizations demand an extension of the moratorium until June 2022.

In this sense, María Cordones, who is a collaborator of HOME, a tenant legal aid coalition based on The Bronx, He fears that if agility is not given and “problems” continue to be put to the aid applications, unfortunately a “tragedy” will be experienced in the city.

“Here we are protesting for many reasons, but today what we see most urgent is that the governor make way whatever, so that this crisis is solved ”, the activist said.

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