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Governor of Texas assigns 3,000 National Guard soldiers and more state police to stop migrant caravan at the border

Members of the National Guard with Border Patrol (CBP) agents at a checkpoint in Del Rio, Texas.

Brandon Bell / Getty Images

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered a greater presence of the National Guard on the southern border of the state to face the arrival of thousands of undocumented people who walk in a caravan through Mexico.

The Telemundo network captured images of the military troops in the city of Del Río along with state police officers who were also deployed in the area.

According to the Hispanic media report, there are about 3,000 military corps agents assigned to reinforce surveillance and prevent the entry of undocumented persons.

A Washington Examiner report this week indicates that National Guard military personnel have detained at least 32,000 immigrants between last July and this month.

Most of those arrested are undocumented immigrants who illegally crossed the border between Mexico and Texas and invaded private property, according to a spokeswoman for the Texas Military Department.

These figures are expected to increase, since according to that entity, in the past months thousands of members of the National Guard have been sent to the border and thousands more are coming.

Under normal circumstances, the military is not authorized to intervene directly with foreigners crossing the border fence. However, following Abbott’s orders in July, this force began to be more active against immigrants.

The new caravan made up of no less than 5,000 migrants, mostly Central Americans and Haitians, continue their route to the Mexican capital and, eventually, to the border with the United States, advancing twenty kilometers more to Escuintla, the Efe news agency reported this Thursday.

Early yesterday the members left De Villa Comaltitlán. This is the fifth caravan of foreigners this year in Mexico, after the previous four were dismantled by the authorities in September. The group left Tapachula, Chiapas, last Saturday.

Luis Rey García Villagrán, from the Center for Human Dignification (CDH), indicated that dozens of migrants have joined the caravan in recent hours.

Among the walkers, there would be at least 1,000 minors.

The activist estimated that there are already some 5,000 foreigners traveling on the route that seeks to get to Mexico City first to regularize their immigration status at the headquarters of the National Institute of Migration (INM) in the capital, since in Tapachula the authorities are saturated.

So far, no altercations have been reported between the members of the caravan and the police and / or military authorities.

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