Tuesday, November 29

Gragera: “If money has to be returned to Ifeba exhibitors, it will be returned”

The mayor, Ignacio Gragera, at the last inauguration of Ecuextre. / TODAY

The mayor rejects that the PP has committed irregularities with the income of the fair institution and assures that it is in the process of solving the administrative problems that prevent collecting passes

Rocio Romero

“If money has to be returned to Ifeba exhibitors, it will be returned.” This is stated by the mayor, Ignacio Gragera, this Wednesday when asked about the opinion of the socialist spokesman, Ricardo Cabezas. This affirmed on Tuesday that the companies that have come to the institution since 2018 can claim from the City Council the reimbursement of the money paid for the use of the facilities. During 2021 and 2021, the activity was reduced due to the pandemic, but the previous two years all the contests were held.

An official warned the Consistory in May that it could not continue charging tickets to the fair institution because it lacked a regulation for it. This made Ifeba decide to make tickets free for Feciex, the first event of the season, and for the rest of the fairs until the regulation is approved.

Now, the institution’s management is considering the possibility of modifying Fehispor so that it ends up being “a meeting” instead of the fair that has been held until now, as the councilor for the area, Blanca Subirán, acknowledged yesterday. The Spanish-Portuguese exhibition is scheduled for November 3-6. “The development of Fehispor will depend on the vision of those responsible for Ifeba,” says Gragera this Wednesday.

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The mayor assures that there is no irregularity, but “a situation that must be corrected and is corrected, on the fly, directly and without delay.”

The City Council did not correctly process the legal assignment of the building seven years ago. In 2015, the City Council fully approved the change of the property to a heritage asset. But he did not send that agreement approved by all the councilors to the Official Gazette of the Province, so that modification cannot be considered definitive. The local government has submitted this seven-year agreement for publication in the provincial bulletin last week.

“When what needed to be corrected has been detected, we are doing it,” underlines the mayor, who explains that they are awaiting technical reports to see if it is necessary to approve a new ordinance that regulates the amounts to be charged or if it is enough to establish public prices for tickets, exhibitors and companies that make use of the building.

On the other hand, the mayor supports the performance of the PP in recent years in the institution. He rules out that the PP or its councilors could have made irregular use of the money. «It is an autonomous body with contact with public finances and without irregularity. I fully trust. There is nothing more than a lack of regulation that is being solved at the moment in which we have been warned », he insists.


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