Thursday, August 18

Granada punishes Barça again

The Andalusian team discarded Barça from the last league, winning them 1-2 and yesterday accentuated the Barça crisis with a lucky goal that Araujo did not equalize until added time.

With the 4-3-3 and the 4-2-3-1. With Luuk de Jong appearing at half-time and finishing wide on an empty goal. With Philippe Coutinho back as the starter. With Riqui Puig trying to be the smiling shooter. With Gerard Piqué emulating Alexanco as a forward inside, more Luuk, more Araujo … And only a sad draw achieved in added time to equal Granada’s 0-1, who put his finger in the wound and scratched and poked, leaving the Catalans raw and with Joan Laporta flushed in the box.

If in April the grenade He deprived Koeman’s team of the lead, knocking him down the stairs, tripped the coach last night, undermining his continuity. The Bayern he degraded his figure as a coach, and Granada denied him the bit of luck he needed to overcome the crisis, undeniable.

From pebble to slab

The lucky Andalusian goal was an insurmountable slab for the locals, when it should have been a pebble along the way, and it revealed the limitations of Barça, in which its main finisher was Ronald Araujo in a strategic action (except the last play) and head. Nothing else had the team, unable to defeat an ultra-defensive rival, with many doses of pettiness, who did not know victory.

The attitude of the fans showed indulgence and magnanimity, although the whistles appeared briefly after two minutes with Duarte’s goal, and then they were massive, for Granada and the referee. It was interpreted as an unfortunate action, such that it was assumed that this year misfortunes will abound, but the play showed the lack of rigor of Frenkie de Jong, who did not detect Domingos Duarte behind his back.

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The requirement to request entry to go to the Camp NouIn these times of pandemic, it implies having a positive predisposition, which explains the frequent and constant encouragement from the stands, sensitive to the tenderness of the team, from which a notable portion of talent has been subtracted. The level of general resistance to the setbacks that will beset them along the way remains to be seen. Sergi Roberto finished off the crossbar and relief from a quick draw did not come until added time.

Coutinho returned nine months later and wanted to vindicate his figure. Nine months without playing is a lot. Without rhythm, he did not transmit leadership that should be expected from him, from one of the few veterans in the line-up (29 years old, like Sergi Roberto), with only one thirty-year-old (Busquets), Piqué disappeared from the starting eleven until he was recruited for the machado .

Piqué was not a substitute since December 2018 at Barça-Tottenham that closed the Champions League, with the already classified. In the League, his last absence dated back to the same year at Barça-Levante, with the title conquered. Last night the clash was transcendent, with which it falls in Barcelona, ​​and not just rain, and Piqué sat with the tracksuit in the band. Nobody missed him.

Time of changes

It is what exists in an age that demands change, which Koeman wants to introduce gently when it comes to young people. One by one. The honor belonged to Alejandro Baldé, for being the most logical and natural replacement to cover the injury of Jordi Alba, whom he already replaced against Bayern. At 17 years old (he will turn 18 on October 18), he played wonderfully, but was relieved before the injury break.

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Nor did he suffer more than usual very young defense in which he was the voice of experience with 22 years! Koeman is not afraid for his future and is not afraid of making decisions, which sometimes, on the contrary, are also conservative. Not as much as Robert Moreno, seen how Granada expressed himself.

Very soon he found the treasure of the goal and he dedicated himself to defending it with his life. His 4-3-3 lasted nothing. Until he gained the upper hand. Granada was devoted to defending the goal, very retired in their field, collaborating, without intending it, in which Barça soon recovered the ball, in someone else’s field, and could chain attacks. Throwing minutes down the drain, wasting time, fostering the tension of Barça with the consent of the referee, indifferent to the Barcelona drama, causing indiscriminate whistles for everyone.


BARCELONA: Have Stegen (5); Dest (6), Eric (6), Araujo (9), Bucket (7); Sergi Roberto (5), Busquets (5), F. de Jong (4); Demir (5), Memphis (6), Coutinho (5).

Technical: Ronald Koeman (5 years old).

Changes: Mingueza (7) by Balde (m. 42); L. de Jong (4) by S. Roberto (d. 46); Gavi (6) by Coutinho (m. 60); Riqui Puig (6) for Busquets (m. 74); I hammered (5) by Demir (m. 74).

GRENADE: Maximiano (7); Quini (6), Duarte (7), Abram (6), Escudero (7); Monchu (6), Milla (6), Eteki (5); Doors (5), Molina (6), Machis (6).

Technical: Robert Moreno (4).

Changes: Montoro (4) by Eteki (d. 29); Neva (5) by Escudero (m. 46); L. Suárez (4) for Molina (d. 66); Gonalons (4) by Puertas (m. 66); Germán (sc) by Abram (d. 78).

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GOALS: 0-1 (m. 2), Duarte. 1-1 (m. 89), Araujo.

REFEREE: Jaime Latre (2), Aragon.

Cards: Montoro, Gonalons, Mingueza, Koeman, Monchu, Maximiano, Araujo, Quini, Bacca.

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