Thursday, October 28

Grandpa took the gold

It would have been just as beautiful. Moreover, many of you probably think that the young man, the ‘rookie’, the novice, the newcomer, the child will already have future opportunities to bathe in gold. For example, this same apotheosis end of the season that he has experienced that, seen from the sofa, could not be more impressive, because the little boy, Pedri, just 18 years old, played his 73rd official match in Japan today, a true world record this season.

But Pedri, who was one of the six greats that already shone with Luis Enrique in the Eurocup (without prize), he was one of those chosen by Luis de la Fuente so that the rojilla would take revenge and he almost succeeded. Well, let’s not be so fond of it, the Spanish team, which reached the final very touched (it was the only one to have played a game + extra time in the quarterfinals, semis and final), was never a candidate for gold, since Brazil, Olympic queen, always he was ahead on the scoreboard, in play and on opportunity, he even missed a penalty!

It was, without a doubt, the bet of the sofa today, Saturday, the penultimate day of these Olympic Games that, well, yes, they have been Olympic, but what do you want me to tell you, you already understand me, right? Little game , little Olympian and little spectacle, because even the daughter of ‘The boss’, Jessica springsteen, achieved silver in the team jumping competition.

Rest for Pedri

All the weight was on Pedri, we will see what holidays they give him after Barça has run out Leo Messi, whom tomorrow we will hear again staging his love, eternal, tremendous, excited, for Barça, but who is leaving and in nothing, in hours, he will have his problem solved, although he must add, again, the crying and the Tears of Thiago and his brothers for leaving a place as heavenly as Castelldefels where there is not enough money to keep him.

And it is that what these guys from the ‘rojilla’ have done has incredible merit, of course much higher than what grandfather has reaped Dani alves who, at 38 years old, added his 43rd title to the greatest record of world football, much higher than that of Messi and Andres Iniesta, which he outstrips by a handful of scepters. Not only has Pedri broken records of matches played, but he himself Pau Torres, yes, yes, what you are reading, right now he is catching a plane in Tokyo to cross the world ten or twelve times and appear, tomorrow or the day after, in Belfast, where his team, Villarreal, awaits him to face the next Wednesday, to Chelsea, in the first title of the 2021-22 season, the European Super Cup.

Flawless voice over

There is no doubt that this Olympic final, which has been contested but, like almost all finals, has not been anything to write home about (not even football), where the two teams have proven to be worthy of gold (I insist, Spain did not make a great match, but crashed two balls to the wood and lacked – as happened to the great of ‘Lucho’ – luck in key moments), had one of the most correct and enjoyable broadcasts of these Games.

Both the youngster David figueira, good friend, huge professional, versatile type where they exist, like the good guy ‘Chapi’ Ferrer, they make an ideal couple. And, yes, of course, of course, being on RTVE, they want (but they do not shout) that ours win, but they recognize when it is and is not a penalty.

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Ferrer told, and it was very funny, that this Olympic final had reactivated the WhatsApp of that 1992 Olympic team, made up of authentic phenomena. “We have joined, again, well, we are always together, but we have not been able to push enough to get the gold,” Ferrer lamented at the end.

Who did not complain was the ‘grandfather’ Alves, who, with 43 titles in his showcases, played the entire 600 minutes, whole, of all the games in Brazil. There are those who dare to remove it! André Jardine, no, of course, because he called him when PSG refused to give in to Neymar Jr.

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