Thursday, May 26

Grant Dalton’s Fantasies




Team New Zealand says they are auctioning off the venue for the next edition of the America’s Cup and they say it with a small mouth, but making a big splash because the New Zealand government has said enough that they continue to tease them.

Grant Dalton, the CEO of the New Zealand team, the one who has always been said that his great success is austerity, has realized since he returned the Hundred Guineas Jug to his country, that the modern America’s Cup is big business And, as if it were an advantageous student of Ernesto Bertarelli, the venue has been auctioned to obtain great revenues from the competition or the circus.


Ireland, that if the United Arab Emirates, that if Spain. The fact is that the Valencian pipiolos once again fall into the great trap, which is none other than to use the city of Valencia, the Marina and the Real Club Náutico to revalue the 250 million euros that the «pirate» Dalton is asking for Over there. Ireland has sent him to hell and Valencia, fortunately, too. The UAE lets itself be loved, but the lack of human rights and the humiliating treatment of women discourage it.

The question is, what did the Real Club Náutico de Valencia need to get into this new pool? Valencia’s no to the Copa América has made Dalton begin to filter among his related media that he is already talking to the Spanish Government to try to get Barcelona to set up the regatta field. All in exchange for 250 million euros, which Spain does not have, nor does Valencia have, nor does Barcelona have. Quite a nonsense for which there was no need.

I imagine the director of the Valencia Navy, Vicente Llorens, directing the framework of the America’s Cup, fluttering like a peacock through the docks without knowing either sailing potatoes or America’s Cup.

The “fake” that the race course could be located in Barcelona is everyone’s laughing stock. Mayor Ada Colau would not be prepared for that or for many other things. And it is that this business of the candle is very sweet for anyone who knows how to carry it, but what is clear is that with Grant Dalton involved a lot would have to happen for any headquarters to benefit.

In addition, both Barcelona and Valencia already have the prestige gained with the organization of the 1992 Olympic Games and the 2007 America’s Cup.

In short, they will keep trying until reality opens their eyes and they have to give up and return to their land, where they should never have left, to defend the Hundred Guineas Jar.

The America’s Cup should not be a business auctioned every three years, much less if the purists of the sailing world do it.

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