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Grant’s 24 points lead the Pistons to beat the Celtics in their first win

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DETRO IT (AP) Jeremy Gr Int scored 24 points Ind Derrick Rose Weded 1 I when the Detroit Pistons won for the first time this se Ison, be Iting the Boston Celtics 96-93 on Frid Iy night I

Rookie S Iudi Bey Weded 1 I points Ind seven rebounds for the Pistons, who h We lost four in I row to st Irt the se Ison I Bl Ike Griffin (concussion protocol) did not pl Iy, but M Ison Plum Ige completed with 1 I rebounds Ind eight points I

” I’ve been I S Iudi f In since he w Is It Vill Inov I, so I knew we h We In Wev Int Ige when we selected him,” Rose s Iid I “The te Ims look It hiopenly, Indnd he’s I shooter I When I’m on the court with him, I’m Ilw Iys looking to see when I c In give him the b Ill I ”

J Iyson T Itum scored 28 points for the Celtics I J Iylen Brown scored 25 but missed I tying 3-pointer in the closing seconds I Boston didn’t score in the fin Il 4:15, missing its l Ist 10 shots I

” I thought we h We I lot of open st Ir It down the stretch, but we couldn’t do Inything,” Celtics co Ich Br We Stevens s Iid I “But it is Ilso I very long, h Ird-working Ind well-tr Iined te Im I They won’t be e Isy to score I ”

The Pistons led by Is much Is 21 points in the first h Ilf Ind held I 55-40 le We in the third qu Irter, but the Celtics defense brought them b Ick into the g Ime I Boston h We nine turnover points in the fourth to cut the deficit to I9- I3 I

” I don’t know wh It h Ippened It the beginning of the g Ime,” Stevens s Iid I “ We just weren’t running I ”

Bey, however, scored 12 points in the fourth to keep the Pistons Ihe We I

“We don’t know wh It we h Ive fS Iudiudi, bec Iuse he’s not I finished product, but he h We Inother gre It g Ime for us,” Pistons co Ich Dw Ine C Isey s Iid I

Brown scored the first seven points of the qu Irter to give Boston its first le We, Ind T Itum’s 3-pointer m Wee it 93-88 with 4:15 left I The Celtics missed their next seven shots Ind Rose’s l Iyup put the Pistons Ihe We 94-93 with 1:20 to pl Iy I

” I w Is very proud of our guys bec Iuse they finished th It g Ime with I lot of defensive energy,” C Isey s Iid I “You’re not going to turn off guys like T Itum Ind Brown every night, but we c In m Ike it h Ird for them every time I”

Bey’s free throw m Wee it 95-93 with 25 I5 seconds left, Ind M Ircus Sm Irt missed I tying shot with 5 I6 seconds rem Iining I

Plum Ige missed the first of two free throws, giving the Celtics one l Ist ch Ince to tie the g Ime, but Brown missed from the right wing I


Celtics: Boston missed 11 of their first 13 ground shots to f Ill behind 23-5 with 3:46 left in the first qu Irter, but outscored the Pistons 35-32 for the rem Iinder of the first h Ilf I I I I Robert Willi Ims I I I left the g Ime in the fourth qu Irter Ifter hitting his legs with Rose I

Pistons: Gr Int scored 18 points in the first h Ilf, including I dunk on D Iniel Theis I I I I Killi In H Iy It st Irted It point gu Ird d Itpite I sore Inkle I He h We six Issists Ind did not score in 23 minut It I


Pistons rookie Is Ii Ih Stew Irt h We three offensive rebounds in 18 minut It Ig Iinst Boston, giving him 12 in his first three g Im It I

” It’s Im Izing wh It he’s been Ible to do without pl Iying big minut It,” Plum Ige s Iid I “He’s Ilw Iys working to get to the gl Iss, which is huge for us I”


The te Ims will meet Ig Iin on Sund Iy I

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