Friday, March 31

“Gratitude and joy” in the welcome of the coadjutor archbishop of Granada, José María Gil Tamayo from Extremadura



With “joy and gratitude” they have welcomed this Saturday morning in the Cathedral the beginning of the episcopal ministry of José María Gil Tamayo as coadjutor archbishop, after being appointed by the Holy Father at the request of the archbishop of Granada, Javier Martínez, to help him in the pastoral work of the Archdiocese, which has lived this day “like a party”.

The Eucharist has been concelebrated by 36 archbishops and bishops and 206 priests. It has been attended by different civil authorities, such as the mayors of Granada and Ávila, military, academics, and representatives of the social and political life of Ávila, Granada and Madrid, they have indicated in a statement.

Among others, there were also faithful from the entire province of Granada, as well as from the diocese of Ávila -where José María comes from-, Madrid and Mérida-Badajoz, original diocese, even from his hometown -Zalamea de la Serena-.

The celebration began with the reception by the Cathedral Chapter of both archbishops, who arrived together at the Puerta de la Encarnación. There they kissed the lignum crucis and agreed to pray personally for a few minutes at the foot of the altar.

The Cathedral “vibrated with applause” after the reading of the Apostolic Letters by which the Holy Father grants the new ministry at the headquarters of Granada, in a “shared mission” as José María alluded during his words at the end of the Eucharist.

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In his homily, Javier Martínez expressed his “deep gratitude” and “the great gift” that is the reception at the beginning of the ministry of those who will share a mission in the Diocese. He thanked the archbishops, bishops and priests “for your communion.”

With the open arms of his pastor and the Church of Granada, José María has been received in this Eucharist at the beginning of his pastoral ministry. Martínez spoke of the mission of the Church, which is “to proclaim the Gospel” and of the Body of Christ, which is the Church itself.

«It is up to me, even as Archbishop of Granada, to give you all the space that allows you to live and fully express the many riches that God has given you, and for you to give yourself to this Church and love it as Christ loves it, and to diocese to love its new pastor, and to follow and obey him as the Lord”, he pointed out.


For his part, José María Gil Tamayo has spoken of the “shared mission” that from now on he will exercise together with Javier, whom he has come to help, in full communion, until his retirement once the resignation he presents to the Saint is accepted. Father for reasons of age.

“I am a bishop that the Successor of Peter and Head of the Episcopal College, who presides over us in charity, sends to serve you and I bring nothing other than the Gospel of Christ”, he indicated in his words with which, moments before the final blessing, the celebration is over.

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“I come to exercise my episcopal service in a shared mission with Javier, in deep communion with him and with the presbytery of Granada”, while acknowledging that “I know by conviction and experience that the bishop cannot do anything without the priests”.

The most moving moment during his speech was at the beginning, when he remembered his mother, who died two months ago, as well as his father and his priest brother. Likewise, Gil Tamayo expressed his invitation to “put into permanent practice the New Commandment of Jesus, to love everyone with his heart, to be a ‘field hospital’ Church, as the Pope asks us”.

From the consecrated and contemplative life, from the family, the young and the lay apostolate, he also alluded to the challenge of being a “field hospital”, with “the poor, the sick, the helpless coming first”. The collection in the Eucharist this Saturday has been allocated to refugees and displaced by the war in Ukraine.

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