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Great challenges to modernize the sail

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After a close vote and with only 7 votes difference, Javier Sanz will direct the destinies of the FEV for the next 4 years. Javier Sanz got 61 votes and Pepe Martinez 57. In this case the vote was the closest of the last ones, and as this newspaper has learned, the margin could have been even narrower, had it not been at the last minute the change of the vote of one of the most important clubs in the Valencian community, which decided to give the vote to Sanz and not to Martinez as it was initially committed to.

In the end, the initial doubts that from the «dock radio» left Pepe Martinez, as «straw man» of a candidacy that were granted to the current president of the Valencian Territorial and manager of the RCN of Torrevieja, Carlos Torrado, as de facto president were cleared .

Clarify many doubts

Without a doubt, Sanz has a long way to go and many doubts to be clarified, here are some of them.

The first is that although not publicly, Sanz stated in various forums his intention to move the FEV headquarters back to Madrid, without specifying the dates of the transfer.

The second question will be to clarify what will happen to the current manager, or general director of the federation, Pablo Barrios, will he continue in his position? Where and how?

The third is to meet the members of its board of directors, where according to news the figure of the controversial Ximo Gonzalez Devesa, current president of the Balearic Islands, is configured as the right hand of the president, Devesa was the great behind-the-scenes manager of his candidacy .

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What works well should not be changed and loaded with a stroke of the pen and without reason, it seems to me a very wise decision by Sanz, having maintained the organization chart and management of the Olympic sailing, including the press office, responsibilities shared by Santi López Vázquez as CEO and Helena de la Gándara, as press officer respectively, who from my point of view has both done an excellent and professional job, and will remain in their positions at least until after the Tokyo Games.


For the management of the communication department, Sanz has chosen Luis Pomar, who was appointed by Julia Casanueva for a time, then ceasing him in one of the most controversial and erroneous decisions of the ill-fated Julia Casanueva. Although unlike the previous one, this time the signing of Pomar has been on an individual basis and not through a Mallorcan communication agency. Pomar will be in charge of the news at the institutional level and all those related to base, youth, cruising, etc. Where there will be imminent changes will be in the management of everything related to the issuance of measurement certificates, technical regulations and cruise ratings, of the FEV, Rafael Bonilla, who was in charge of the matter until now, ceasing in this position. Bonilla was named president of the Canary Islands Territory after clearly winning the recent elections. It should also be noted that Bonilla has been one of the ideologues and architect of Martinez’s candidacy. According to well-documented sources, they have confirmed to this medium that a new technician has already been appointed to fill Bonilla’s position.

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Javier Sanz therefore has a clear path ahead of him, since he controls both the Assembly that voted for him (61 votes) and the Delegate Commission (5/4), to govern Spanish sailing with certainty in a difficult period and with many uncertainties to clear, not only because of the current health situation derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, which conditions almost 100% the activity of competitions, sailing schools, etc. But also the situation created by the effort in the state administration to question and obstruct the renewal of the concessions of many of the yacht clubs, among many other issues, among which in my opinion it should take into account ocean sailing. , totally abandoned by the previous presidents, who not only ignored the projects that were presented, except those imposed by their plugged-in managers, but also the multitude of Spanish sailors and technicians who succeed and work on the most outstanding sailing projects world oceanic, both in regattas, as in America’s Cup, design and shipyards.

Great challenge

But the great challenge for Javier Sanz for this pen is to work hard hand in hand with other federations and get before the CSD that the Sports Law changes the regulatory system of electoral processes, and that a license is a vote.

And a sad and painful end for the former president of the FEV, Julia Casanueva, as she ends her mandate with 2 disciplinary proceedings opened by the CSD, the first for her unilateral decision to change headquarters from Madrid to Santander without initially meeting the requirements that mark the legislation. And the second for his determination not to convene and unnecessarily delay the electoral process, as indicated by the CSD not only for the FEV but for all.

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Despite the fact that she is no longer president of the FEV, the procedure continues with two possible rulings, a reprimand or a disqualification from holding any public office during the period dictated by the sentence.

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