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Great expectation in Zaragoza with the arrival of the American millionaire Jorge Mas, buyer of the local team

  • football The anti-Castro millionaire who has bought Zaragoza from Alierta

It has been a visit a bit like Welcome Mr Marshall. The American millionaire of Cuban origin Jorge Mas Santos has been in Zaragoza this Tuesday, in the midst of great media expectation, to sign the acquisition of shares that make him in the new owner and president of Real Zaragoza.

He has lived a day as if it were a political president. The official page of the club, like the local media, has reported minute by minute of the tycoon’s journey. He has thanked the “warm welcome” of the city while he has been “very excited” about the new sports project.

He has been received by the president of the Government of Aragon, the socialist Javier Lambn, and the mayor of Zaragoza, the popular Jorge Azcan. Accompanied by his wife and their daughter, he visited the Basilica del Pilar, where he made a floral offering to the Virgin who wore a mantle donated by Real Zaragoza.

“I am very excited about this new project and what is to come. I really wanted to come to Spain, something that the pandemic has made difficult,” he said at City Hall. “But do you usually come regularly?” asked the mayor. “I travel to Madrid and Barcelona for family reasons,” answered Mas .

Both have joked with the coincidence in the names and have praised the “good taste” of their parents when calling them Jorge. After the meeting at City Hall, Jorge Mas and his They have entered El Pilar and have gone to the Camarn de la Virgen.

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The column was covered by the mantle of Real Zaragoza. La Pilarica has about 450 cloaks, from donations from groups, associations, entities, institutions and personalities.

The entourage has deposited a floral offering before the Virgen del Pilar and a few words have been pronounced. They have been accompanied by the club chaplain, Fernando Arregui, and by the chaplain of the Virgin, José María Bordetas.

“He wanted, this morning, to come to the foot of your mantle with the best of our hopes, for the desire to make an effort to take our city of Zaragoza to the best sporting positions of honor”, said the officiating priest.

The prayer has continued: “We always want to fight with sportsmanship, with a true sense of team, all united in a common endeavor. We are people and we need your help, we feel like sons and daughters loved by you. We want to ask you for our families, those who are close and those who are in another way.


At the Ciudad Deportiva he greeted the squad and coaching staff and the family was presented with some fragrances from Caravan, sponsor of Real Zaragoza. He later offered a massive press conference.

Jorge Mas was born in 1963 in Miami and is the son of Inma Santos-Espronceda and Jorge Mas Canosa, a Cuban exile staunch opponent of Fidel Castro’s regime, who came to Florida in 1960.

There he created a family business and in 1981, with the support of Ronald Reagan, launched the Cuban-American National Foundation.

Once the patriarch died in 1997, Jorge Mas Santos, together with his brothers Juan Carlos and José, took charge of the MasTec company and later of the Foundation, one of the most representative organizations of the Cuban opposition in exile.

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George More owns the construction and engineering company MasTec, based in Florida, which is publicly traded and in 2021 registered revenues of about 8,000 million dollars.

according to Forbes, has a fortune of 1,200 million dollars and ranks 2,378th among the world’s billionaires. It is one of the largest and most diversified providers of infrastructure services in the US, with some 25,000 employees at more than 500 locations.

Jorge Mas and Javier Lambán, president of AragónRoyal Saragossa

He heads a private equity group with investments in aviation, health, banking, energy and real estate, among other sectors.

He owns Inter Miami with David Beckham as a partner, with extensive experience in the world of football and in the management of clubs worldwide such as Inter Miami (USA), Racing Club de Lens (France) and Millonarios FC (Colombia).


In his first message as the new president of Zaragoza, in a letter addressed to the fans, he announced the commitment to “devote investment, effort and great enthusiasm” to achieve “the long-awaited promotion to the First Division”.

And he tells them: “I only ask for a little patience and understanding, especially considering that I am not Mao, I still don’t know the city in depth, neither the club nor you. But there is nothing that could make me happier than making you feel identified and happy with our work”.

Lambn has conveyed to Mas “the desire of the Government of Aragon that he promote a winning sports project” to lead “the idea of ​​the new stadium, for which I have offered him support and collaboration.”

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President Aragons has indicated that, “after 16 years of setbacks for zaragocismo and nine in Second, an investor with many economic resources has taken over the club”.

And he has been “hopeful” because, in his opinion, Real Zaragoza “could not fall into better hands.” Azcén has pointed out that “investors are aware that they will have to participate in the construction of the football field”

He added that “the new ownership of Real Zaragoza will have the support of the City Council for this new challenge. A new stage is beginning”.

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