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Griezmann: infidelity is paid

  • The French star faces a tortuous start at Atlético after leaving Barça on the last day of the market and returning to his old home. The fans do not forgive his departure to the Barça club and he already whistled at him this week against Porto.

The night of Tuesday, August 31 It is one of those that is hard to forget. The closing of the market was accompanied by hectic hours that produced extraordinary movements. Among them, undoubtedly, the change of air of Antoine Griezmann, sealed at midnight and announced almost with premeditation and treachery. The French star was returning to Athletic after two discreet seasons in the Barça, in which he did not convince anyone.

The past soon evaporates and is usually ephemeral in soccer. Griezmann’s best moments with the red-and-white shirt weigh less than his departure to the Catalan club, closed after a soap opera that seemed to have no end. It was close to being produced in 2018, but it ended up being sealed a year later. Now the return has been lived, but infidelity is paid, at least for now. The rojiblancos fans do not forgive their flight.

Stuffed rats

On Wednesday the first episode of the forward’s reunion with his fans took place. The French replaced Joao Félix in the 55th minute of the gray duel against him Port and the whistles of the respectable far outweighed the scant applause. The whistle was overwhelming in a stadium with more than 40,000 spectators. No one would have said that this player had been the idol of the colchoneros, with 133 goals in 257 games between 2014 and 2019.

“Griezmann is like a girlfriend who cheats on you and then wants to come back. You have to have more dignity,” says a fan

The script used by Griezmann to consummate his acts has never been the most accurate. In 2018, just before Russia World Cup, denied his departure to Barça with a “I have decided to stay” broadcast in a documentary that became meaningless a year later, when Barça paid 120 million for him. Some fans came to deposit trash and stuffed rats on the player’s plate in the vicinity of the new stadium. The facility is still not glowing. The hatred persists.

“It was a betrayal”

«Griezmann is like a girlfriend who cheats on you and then wants to go back. You have to have more dignity, “roared an Atlético supporter outside the stadium on Wednesday. Together with the young man they crowded dozens of followers with the French in the spotlight. The sad game of the team, which added a miracle point against Porto, did not help too much either. Whistles are expected to turn into praise when Griezmann show your best version.

“He played with our feelings. Before he was an idol, now he’s like anyone else, he doesn’t represent much anymore”

Eduardo Fernández / President of the Union of Rojiblancas Peñas

«His departure hurt us and the way he did it even more. We have the feeling have been deceived. We feel like someone who has suffered an infidelity feels, “he reflected. Eduardo Fernandez, President of the Union de Peñas Rojiblancas, in the newspaper L’Equipe.

“We were still together and he went elsewhere. It was a betrayal, we blame him for having played with our feelings. It was not true to our colors. Before it was a idol, now he is like any other, he no longer represents much “, adds the mattress, who opens a certain margin for the sorry. «We are wounded, time will have to heal everything. Little by little things will return to normal.

Cholo’s defense

Griezmann knew that it would not be easy for him to win back the affection of his fans. That “Nice relationship” that he had in the past, as he himself recalled upon his arrival in Madrid, must establish himself on the basis of good play and goals. The attack duo with Luis Suarez looks great and will always have the support of Diego Pablo Simeone.

The star will experience another revalidation against Athletic this Saturday. The pardon will only come with goals

«Griezmann has a challenge ahead based on what has happened in the past, “said the Argentine coach, in favor of not wasting too much time in controversy. “They are doing a movie and a morbid of a situation that only generates the importance of having recovered a extraordinary footballer and that we can enjoy it ».

New exam

At 30, Griezmann was whistled in his last game at the Camp Nou and on his return to the Metropolitan. He left Barça with 35 goals and 17 assists In 102 games, decent but cold figures taking into account the feeling of insignificance that he left among the Catalans.

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Now, it is time to captivate the Atlético fans again, who have a choice of compulsory purchase of 40 million. The star that was even seen «at the same table as Messi and Cristiano»Will live another test against Athletic this Saturday. The pardon will only come with their goals.

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