Monday, October 25

Griezmann, the dream night in Granada

  • He scored two decisive goals and gave two assists to Jordi Alba

  • “The key was Frenkie’s first goal a la Pipo Inzaghi,” says the Frenchman

  • Umtiti signed a horrible night giving away both goals from Granada

  • “We have a good winning mentality, things are going well in 2021,” admits the former Atlético de Madrid player

Before starting the game, the seismographs in Granada detected a small tremor. Movements of 2.3 degrees on the Richter scale had been discovered in the city’s observatories. Although the real earthquake was the one that starred Antoine Griezmann, turned last night into the light that illuminated Barça, capable of getting into the semifinals of the Copa del Rey without even needing Messi to score a single goal. The night Umtiti trembled, with two gross errors, he allowed Griezmann to sign a match to remember.

He had a huge performance in a game so crazed that Barça finished 120 minutes (it was his fourth overtime in a month) with 36 shots, 20 of them on goal. Koeman’s team was already on the road to elimination with the rope around their neck when they fought for a ball that went over the baseline.

One of those passes that Messi has been doing all his life. Without anyone knowing how to detect them, although yesterday the ball was treacherously going to meet the billboard. “For me, the key was Antoine’s first goal,” acknowledged Frenkie de Jong, highlighting his teammate’s game.

He had a huge performance in a crazed game where Barça completed their fourth overtime in a month

“For me, the key is that Frenkie appeared a la Pippo Inzaghi. We have a winning mentality until the last minute, this can give us confidence for the rest of the season. We have started well this 2021. These are streaks, we have to take advantage of them “added the French striker, proud to star in the match.

Nobody would have believed in that loose ball, then he muffled that pass to Jordi Alba with his head in the 92nd minute with the ticket in hand. The ticket to go home. There is no way of a quiet night in the Cup. Not in Cornellà, where he had to reach extra time. Nor in Vallecas, where Koeman had to resort to the headlines to stand in Granada.

He missed 1-0; he missed 2-0. And Koeman, in the end, ended up substituting for Umtiti before the match went into a goal storm.

Another scenario where, and after a long time, rude mistakes reappeared. The Andalusian team was enduring a Barça game storm when Umtiti became entangled in Ter Stegen’s home in such a way that it caused the despair of his four defense partners. From Jordi Alba through Araujo, Sergi Roberto and ending in Ter Stegen, in addition to the fact that Koeman’s right hand immediately went to cover his face. Nobody could believe it.

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Strange night

Not the technician. Not the players. Not Messi, more connected than ever to the Barça game. After the strange first half ended, Barça looked at itself looking for the reasons for that provisional defeat. Then, in the second, more of the same. But Griezmann already has what he was looking for. What I needed for a long time. It’s his night. He scored two goals, his huge header at 3-3, and two assists. Both to Jordi Alba. At last he trembled, Antoine.

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