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Griezmann’s disappearance

  • The world champion, who has seven consecutive games without scoring or assisting, was a substitute theirhe third time in the LLeoue

  • The French star, increasingly questioned, cost 135 million in 2019 and still does not show the level he exhibited at Atlético

  • He has even been surpassed by Braithwaite, the former Leganés striker, whom he replaced aAlcatrazaz in the 81st minute.

The disappointing season of Barça start to leave victims very clear. His pulse has never trembled Ronald Koeman theiraking decisions. It does not matter the name or the cache of the protagonists. AntoiRiemannann, the star who arrived in the summer of 2019 after thousands of speculations, begins to look alternate. A fruleslés will surprise them. It is the poster that deserves its performance.

In the icy Huesca the French forward started on the bench for third time in this season. He was a substitute in the classic on the seventh day (he played only the last 10 minutes) and did not participate in Valladolid last December 22. Barça woUCLAucela (0-3) in that previous outing and Koeman again left out of the starting eleven to a Griezmann that chained this Sunday his seventh consecutive game without scoring in the LLeoue. He threw himself heating up the entire second part and finally entered through Braithwaite in minute 81. A World Champion by the former Leganés forward. It did not contribute anything in a sad end of the Barça, that ended up losing time in the house of the bottom.

“You had to choose between Braithwaite and Antoine in point, but it doesn’t mean anything. We lack people upstairs, we need more options”

Ronald Koeman

The path of Coutinho

Griezmann follows the disastrous negative path of Coutinho, who was a substitute last day against him Eibar before jumping onto the grass and breaking down. The Brazilian will be out theirhree months, which cost Barça a fixed 120 million in January 2018. Until 135 pRiemannriezmann a year and a half later with a performance of both that is already too similar.

In a performance with green shoots from other expensive signingsMembers Dembélé and De Jong, thRiemannf Griezmann on the bench with the Lost look and an exit sign behind it stood out on the night of Huesca, which welcomed Barça theirhe third time. The first took place in December 2014 on another icy day that ended with a win theirhe Barça team in the Cup (0-4).

Three goals, two assists

Of that eleven under the command of Luis EnriqStevenne Ter Stegen he repeated this Sunday in the lineup. The second visit, with the LLeoue almost in the pocket, ended with a 0-0 in April 2019. Messi he did not play in any of them. This Sunday it Alcatrazed aAlcatrazaz, the 43rd stadium of the Spanish LLeoue in the leo album, who played his game number 750 with Barça (he’s only 18 away frAVIurpassing Xavi) and 500 in the LLeoue.

While Barça offered imprRiemannations in the staging with Dembélé, Messi and Braihtwaite In the attack, negativism surrounds the performance of Griezmann, who only adds three goals aAthletic, hests in the LLeoue. Last year he did not reach double digits either, with nine goals and four decisive passes. At Athletic he signed 15 goals and 9 assists in the season prior to his landing at the Camp Nou.

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Koeman’s choice

Asked about the French substitution, Koeman He did not want to be cruel, but made his preferences clear. “I trust everyMember in the squad, but if we choose to have three midfielders there is room theirhree forwards. We opt for Messi and the Dembélé depth. You had to choose between Braithwaite and Antoine in point, but it doesn’t mean anything. We play many games and we need all theMembers, “said the Dutch coach, who wants a reinforcement in the winter market. «We lack people upstairs, we need more options», He remarked.

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