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Griezmann’s spring

  • The French striker lives his sweetest moment at Barça with four goals in the last four games and a higher incidence in the game

  • His optimistic nature has helped him to cope with the most difficult moments in Barcelona, ​​surrounded by a reduced environment and his family

Four goals in the last four games, a more active presence in the development of the game and the defensive commitment of always have raised the price of Antoine Griezmann in the professional esteem of Barcelona. He is no longer seen as the weak link or the misfit star since Ernesto Valverde Y Josep Maria Bartomeu they will stubbornly turn to their signing.

In his second season, particularly in this final stretch, the Frenchman has provided what was required of him in view of the price, the chip and the aura with which he arrived. Griezmann live a spring stage at Barça. Against Atlético, his former team, he has the opportunity to consolidate the current sweet touch in the showcase of a crucial game for the League.

Two individual challenges await him and for which he will be measured: one, to mark the colchoneros at once (he has never done it with either Real Sociedad or Barça); two, stand out in the irresistible comparison with Luis Suarez. Both have this season 19 goals between all competitions. The duel cannot come more evenly.

Optimistic nature

Griezmann, who has recently turned 30, has emerged from the cloud of criticism exarcebadas with the impulse of a sunnier football. Not only are the goals, visible face of everything, but the most daily intervention in the circulation of the ball and the important pass. He has regained his lost ownership (in the classic, for example) and goes less and less incognito through the games.

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His optimistic nature has helped him overcome difficult moments. He sought to counteract the negative current with an interview with Jorge Valdano, which was read as a request for peace and understanding. That day in some way he became humanized, unknown as he was and still is for Barcelona fans, and he corroborated his direct surroundings, which he maintains that Antoine tends to view life with a positive mindset. Very useful in football and in a club as cyclothymic as Barça. “He has a great ability to neutralize negativity,” explains someone who knows him well.

Reduced environment

Father recently for the third time, of a girl (his three children were born on the same day in different years, an April 8, amazing coincidence), Griezmann he lives happily and very privately in a house on the foothills of Tibidabo. His environment is limited to a chef who was brought from Madrid, a French physiotherapist who helps him recover from his efforts and a communication manager. His fondness for the NBA, the NFL and American culture is well known. Also for racehorses.

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The celebrations of some of his goals have been imitations of American football players, although he sometimes asks his children what gesture or movement they would like to see in case of piercing the goal. This season he has been counted with a 40% success rate in his auctions.

The recovered spark is perceived in his relationship on the lawn with Leo Messi, more fluid and empathetic, in the same way that she tends to relate to French footballers, whom she already knew before joining Barça. In fact, everything flows to Antoine now. It is expected to last.

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