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Grupo Albia pays tribute in its centers to those who died on All Saints’ Day

A woman picks a white flower in one of the centers in Albia.

A woman picks a white flower in one of the centers in Albia.

The Albia Group, a reference in the funeral sector, has dressed its centers in Parla, Móstoles, Torrejón, Vitoria, Pontevedra and Vigo de white chrysanthemums, which represent eternity, with the aim of honor the memory of the deceased, especially those who have died from the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, they are celebrating minutes of silence on the occasion of the bridge of the religious festival of All Saints.

The company thus subscribes to the tribute to the victims of the pandemic and those who died during this year of the National Association of Funeral Services. In fact, in the centers of Móstoles, Torrejón and Parla the acts of minute of silence have been chaired by the mayors of the towns who have wanted to accompany the families on this day because these three funeral homes have received since the beginning of the pandemic about 20% of those killed by coronavirus in Spain.

In the events that take place until Tuesday in the different funeral homes, a minute of silence is observed for the deceased and a flower is also given to all those relatives who come to the centers to remember their loved ones. “This year has been especially hard for families, saying goodbye means assuming a new perspective in the face of the loss, implies letting go of a deceased person, but unfortunately, many people were not able to say goodbye to their deceased relative due to the situation caused by the Covid-19 “, remember Marian Carvajal, responsible for Emotional Attention of Grupo Albia. “For this reason we believe that this tribute is therapeutically positive for families that are going through a grieving process, as it will allow them to remember their loved ones and close that interrupted goodbye.”

In addition to honoring the deceased and accompanying families, this All Saints’ Day also wants to show the sector’s commitment to accompanying loved ones in their grieving process. The president of Panasef, Juan Vicente Sánchez-Araña, pointed out that “in the funeral sector we are 12,000 professionals throughout Spain who have been at the epicenter of this crisis. We have lived it from within and we wanted to take advantage of these dates to honor those who deserve it most: our deceased and their families. Also to our professionals, sometimes forgotten, who make the essential social work of the profession possible “.

The funeral services of Albia and those of the entire sector have worked during the pandemic in an unprecedented situation, making available all the resources to guarantee the continuity of a fundamental service in the event of a health emergency that has crossed the entire national territory.

Our priority is to guarantee the health of workers and families, ensure the funeral service to be useful to society now more than ever. Our commitment is firm to be able to continue providing an essential service and to be at the side of the families, “he said in a statement. Juan Rodriguez, CEO of Grupo Albia, who stressed that the company will continue to provide funeral services to those families who want to say goodbye to their loved ones, guaranteeing the continuity of a fundamental service for society in the event of a health emergency.

For the days of All Saints’ Day and the Day of the Dead (November 1 and 2), Grupo Albia has established a special protocol that allows families to remember and honor their relatives while respecting the security measures that guarantee well-being of visitors to the centers. Among the measures applied is a system of people counting and capacity control; the establishment of entry hours and time limits for staying in the facilities; control of the flow of entrances and exits to the center, including parking; 2 meters social distancing and the mandatory use of a mask and gloves, among others.

Albia, belonging to Santalucía Group, is a leading business group at the national level dedicated to the organization, management and comprehensive and personalized performance of funeral services. Currently, the group manages 253 funeral homes, 122 funeral homes, 34 crematoriums, 20 cemeteries throughout the country and a fleet of more than 500 vehicles of its own. In addition, it manages 4 floral art companies and a marble processing factory. At the end of 2018, it had a staff of close to 1,300 professionals who performed more than 70,000 funeral services and more than 7 million people use their facilities annually.

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