Thursday, May 26

Guaidó accuses Maduro of politicizing access to vaccines against covid-19

Juan Guaidó, in a file image

The Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó accused the president this Saturday Nicolas Maduro to make political use of access to vaccines against covid-19 in the country, which has registered 1,475 deaths from this disease, and asked to put this practice aside.

“The politicization that the dictatorship (the Government) intends to give to administer the vaccine must be left aside, they cannot continue to discriminate and generate social control through the necessary aid to Venezuelans, “said the opponent, who is recognized as interim president of Venezuela by some countries.

The political group led by Guaidó agreed to request authorization from the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to access the funds that Venezuela has held in that country and pay for 12 million vaccines against covid-19 through the mechanism. Covax. It is, in the opinion of the opponent, a “important agreement that seeks to save lives as a priority“.

The Venezuelan opposition will make this request, because the US recognizes Guaidó as president after having proclaimed himself as such in 2019 by ignoring the second term of Nicolás Maduro, who was elected in 2018 in questioned elections. “It is not all that is necessary, but obviously it is far from what we have seen recently that the dictatorship does. Health should not be segregating at this time, on the contrary, we must go to save lives at this time,” insisted the opponent in a statement that he himself shared through his Twitter account.

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In the midst of this political crisis in Venezuela, the United States has imposed a series of sanctions that prevent the Venezuelan Executive from accessing funds in that country and that have been described by Guaidó as a measure of “protection” considering that Chavismo has stolen resources from the State. As part of his proclamation, Guaidó appointed a series of positions in institutions, despite never controlling them, including the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

In order to comply with the request to OFAC, it must first ask the issuing entity -which is not recognized by Maduro- for a “debt” in the amount of “30,309,040 dollars.” Of that amount, $ 18,199,040 would be to pay for access to the Covax platform and $ 12,110,000 for investment in the cold chain for the covid-19 vaccination plan, says the text approved on Friday by opponents.

Until now, the Maduro Executive has reported the reception in the country of 700,000 anticovid vaccines, including the Russian Sputnik V and the Chinese Sinopharm, which have been applied to part of the health personnel, high authorities of the public powers and hundreds of political operators related to Chavismo.

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