Friday, August 19

Guardiola opens the door of Manchester City to Sterling

  • “It is not the end of the world. There are many teams. I do not want to see unhappy players,” says the coach after the forward’s hints of going to the Spanish or French league

  • Ferran Torres will be out for between two and a half months and three, and Gabriel Jesús will not be able to face Burnley after playing with Brazil

Pep Guardiola responded this Friday with an ordeal to the insinuations of Raheem Sterling that he could leave the Manchester city to head to the Spanish or French league. “It’s not the end of the world. There are many teams, many coaches, many options. Call the club and resolve the situation. I don’t want to see unhappy players“, Santpedor’s coach released in the preview of this Saturday’s game against Burnley (4:00 p.m.), for which he will not be able to count on Ferran torres, which has broken the metatarsal and will pass two and a half to three months off. Gabriel Jesus, what, how Ederson, this Thursday he played with Brazil, he will not be able to be against Burnley either, so, curiously, Sterling could be a starter.

Guardiola assured to speak not only for Sterling, but also for others like “Mahrez and Cancel, that they would also want to play more. “The City coach stressed that he makes decisions thinking about what is best for the club, not for the players, whom he wants” to be happy. “They have to be happy to be in the club. If they are not, they must make a decision. I cannot assure that they will always play 90 minutes“he insisted.

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A few hours earlier, Sterling (who has only had four starts this season and a single goal) had opened the box of thunder to the talk openly about your possible departure: “If there was an opportunity to go elsewhere, I would be open to it right now,” said the 26-year-old striker on Barça’s agenda, joking with his possible destinations away from the Premier: “I should learn a language. I quite like the French and Spanish accent“.

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Guardiola’s press conference had a moment of relaxation when asked about his reaction when, as a player, he stayed on the bench. “You can tell that you are young. I was an exceptional footballer and never went to the bench, so I cannot answer this question “, joked the Catalan technician, who had to comment on the purchase of Newcastle by a Saudi fund: “It seems that the fans are happy. A company has taken control of the club and the people are happy. I do not know the reasons why this decision has been made,” he settled.

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