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Guevara Abogados, 30 years advising with vocation and innovative action

Miguel A. Rodríguez Ladrón de Guevara and Raquel Rodríguez Zaragoza with the rest of the team

Miguel A. Rodríguez Ladrón de Guevara and Raquel Rodríguez Zaragoza with the rest of the team

Miguel A. Rodríguez Ladrón de Guevara, founding partner of Guevara Lawyers and president, he opened the office in 1989. Since then he has accompanied companies and individuals to make their legal problems a “bearable” path focused on the prevention and solution of legal issues of various kinds. It is the first driver of digitization and innovation of the firm.

Technology has gone hand in hand with its growth and evolution, having all the digitized management (paper 0). The firm is now immersed in the implementation of LegalTech tools (RPA, Robotic Process Automation), to increase efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Guevara Abogados has a results-oriented and client-oriented team, both internally and through partners of various business specialties. Raquel Rodríguez Zaragoza, Lawyer and Industrial Property Agent, has been the last incorporation in 2020 as partner and CEO, with extensive experience (17 years) in advising companies and litigation practice in relation to the Industrial and Intellectual Property Law, Unfair Competition and the Information Society.

Miguel A. Rodríguez Ladrón de Guevara and other team members

Guevara Abogados services

Currently the services that Guevara Abogados provides to INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES focus on the Damage Law, the Consumer and Banking Law and the Family and inheritance law, with the following common practices:

  • Advice price quotation

  • Drafting of contracts or other legal documents

  • Claim of compensation due to accidents or professional negligence

  • Civil defense of affected by credits related parties, general contracting conditions or claims to banks for unfair terms, among others.

The Services developed for companies (SMEs and entrepreneurs) son:

  • Responsibility Company civil

  • Compliance Criminal Law

  • Protection and defense of creations and the innovation (IP) (advice, registration and litigation).

  • Digital Law

The preventive legal advice services of Guevara Abogados to avoid risks or reduce their consequences, both legal and reputational, include Regulatory Compliance (Compliance) Criminal or those areas of interest for each business, and the audit on Digital Services and IP.

Creative and / or technology-based companies that operate in a digital environment need to adapt to constantly changing regulations, as well as to adequately protect and defend the intangible assets of their business project.

The present and future of the firm

– Continue designing specific legal tools adapted to entrepreneurs and SMEs with simplicity and usability.

– Continue to have technology as a traveling companion to ensure that Guevara Abogados maintains a high level of quality in its services, with proactivity and tailor-made, transparent and effective solutions at a reasonable cost.

Guevara Law Firm.

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C / San Vicente 21, Bajo, Alicante

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Web www.guevaraabogados.es

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Miguel A. Rodríguez Ladrón de Guevara and Raquel Rodríguez Zaragoza.


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