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Guide and advice to buy a mini portable washing machine for travel or caravans

If you are going to go on a trip and you are not going to have any way to wash clothes, the solution is obvious, since what you need is a portable mini-washing machine, since it will be the perfect ally to achieve your goal. Today you will have all the information you need.

One of the handicaps that many people find when they go on a trip or use a motorhome is the fact that on many occasions we do not have a place to wash clothes, which can put us in difficulty.

What some people do is carry a lot of clothes to always have to wear, which leads to a fairly high load volume.

Another solution is to find in the trip itinerary, points where we can wash clothes. This can have two clear drawbacks, such as having to modify our route, if we do not find any point where we can wash all those clothes that we have dirty.

The second inconvenience is having to spend money to get the clothes that are dirty to be worth wearing again.

If we do not want to have any of these inconveniences, the solution is very clear and it involves acquiring a mini portable washing machine, to put where we want, without taking up too much space and with the ability to wash all the clothes we need for our trip.

How are the mini washing machines?

In general, they are devices that aesthetically it is not that they are excessively attractivebut its function is not to please the eye, but to be effective when washing.

Their little size It is the great asset that they squeeze, in addition to the ability to put them wherever we want. are devices extremely practical and comfortableboth when transporting them and when we work with them.

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When it is time to use them, we observe their excellent capacity to wash and spinreaching, some models, to offer results equal to those of a conventional washing machine, like the one we all have in our house.

The clothes that can be washed at the same time will depend on each model, being those that move between the 2 and 3 kg the best sellers.

The power is another of the things that depend on each one, although the normal thing is that they have between 150 and 300 W when washing and of 300 to 600 W in what is the spin.

As far as water consumption is concerned, if we use washing and then rinsing, it is normal for them to move between the 10 and 15 liters.

Another interesting topic is knowing how long it takes approximately to do your job. Typically, programs washing are approximately 15 minutesalthough it can vary in the different models on the market.

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Types of portable washing machines

As the needs when we carry a mini-washing machine in the caravan or use it in a campsite can be very varied, there are also a series of types and shapes according to it.

The most used models are the ones we are going to see below:

  • With top load: it is the most common, with access to the drum at the top. Obviously, there are different sizes, small for more or less short trips and larger for when you are away for more days.
  • front loading: they are the ones that have the opening in the front, in addition to normally being the ones that have a greater load volume. They are usually models with good energy efficiency, but it is difficult to find that they are portable.
  • Manual: His name says it all. They are those that have to be operated manually so that they can wash. The good thing is that we are not going to depend on the light to make it work. It can have a crank that turns the drum or with a pedal that performs the same function.
  • Semi-automatic spin: they are the most modern of all, since they are capable of being washers and dryers at the same time. There are models that have two chambers (one for washing and one for drying) and others that do everything from the same drum. They are expensive and are usually the most voluminous
  • Folding: If many models of portable washing machines are already very compact in size, on top of that there are those that can be folded.
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What to look for when buying a mini-washing machine

There are certain details that are important when buying this type of device that will help us wash clothes when we go on a trip.

If we are clear about all these parameters, we will undoubtedly find the best model for us.

  • Dimensions and capacity: We must find the exact model to adapt to what we need, both in terms of dimensions and washing capacity, since it is just as important that it fits where we planned to take it, as that we have space to wash the clothes we need.
  • Electric or manual: this will depend, first of all, on the factor of whether we are going to have electricity where we are going to be, since if the answer is no, the solution is clear. But, on the other hand, it can also be a personal decision, that of not spending electricity when it can be done by hand.
  • Power: here we must also be attentive and choose the one that suits what we need, since the power will be important when washing.
  • Water supply: We must not forget that these devices need water to wash, so we can choose to carry bottles if we are not going to have water or plug it into an outlet thanks to the hose that several models incorporate.
  • Cameras: As we have already mentioned before, some models have two chambers, one to wash and the other to spin or, in some cases, one to wash and the other to dry. We must be the ones who decide if we want two cameras or one.
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With everything that we have told you will no longer have any problem when buying a portable mini-washing machine, since you will know all the necessary information to make the best decision. In this way, when you go on a trip, you will have with you just what you need.

You can tell us which one has been chosen in our networks, since it is always ideal to be able to know about you, your opinions and your choices.

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