Tuesday, August 16

Guido Carrillo: «I have to work to break my bad streak in the league; the VAR thing is past »

The recent Elche-Granada marked a before and after in the season of forward Guido Carrillo. This course is not accompanied by luck. Up to three times it has been the VAR who has annulled his goals, with controversial and dubious decisions to say the least. Asked about these actions, Carrillo states that “they are in sight.” The first, against Alavés, «could be a matter of interpretation. Valencia’s goal, in my opinion, is clear; it was already spoken in his day ». And the score against Granada «can also be interpreted, but in the penalty of the same game, as I said at the time, I feel the blow to the face. But staying with that does not make sense, it is a thing of the past. I have to work to break that streak that doesn’t let me score in the league. I can’t keep the goals canceled. ”

The Argentine player analyzed his situation and that of the team yesterday at a press conference. In the past, he said that Espanyol’s “was a victory that gives a lot of confidence, on a difficult field and against a complicated opponent, with the addition of having come out of relegation, which is always important beyond the fact that it does not decide anything. Looking at it from the outside, it lets us work a little more calmly ».

In the present key, regarding the next rival, Villarreal, Carrillo emphasizes that it is «one of the teams that plays the most beautiful, with an admirable ball treatment. One of the keys can be that, cut that circuit, not let them hurt us and hurt them ourselves. With the intensity we are having, we can pressure them very well and play them as equals, and even more so here at home; with the support of the people we become stronger ».

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About his future, “honestly, thinking about it right now can be detrimental. I am with my head here, enjoying this club, the fans. There is a lot left and these four months are going to be very important. And then it will be seen. Football is so changeable nowadays that talking a priori about my future doesn’t make much sense ”.

Does Guido feel pressured for not scoring in the league yet? “Nerd. First of all it is to help the team in the place where it touches me. Obviously, scoring is important for the forwards, but there are not many my games as a starter either -three in the League-. The VAR goals have also happened. In that sense I am very calm. The important thing is that Elche win and help from where it touches me; if it is with goals obviously better, but it is not something that makes me despair ».

«You work to play as many minutes as possible, to be available; now it’s my turn to play and I’m trying to take advantage of it, “he explains.

The new technician has modified the dynamics. «Undoubtedly a change in intensity has been noticed with the arrival of Francisco. The team is solid, well, comfortable with the idea. The difficult thing is going to be to maintain it. This is a very competitive league but we are very confident that we are going to move forward, but not without working and without demanding more and more every day. That is the path and I think it will lead us to a successful conclusion. A change in intensity has been noticed with the new coach and it will be necessary to sustain him to achieve that precious permanence that we all want », he points out.

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«In the last game against Granada, it was demonstrated how important the fans are for us. Their support is very much felt and we are going to need them because they are two really important games and I think we can take them forward together, “says the Argentine who, regarding the possible departure of Pastore and Benedetto, understands that” football is very changeable. There are many things that are said. Personally, I see Skinny and Pipa very involved with the team and with the group and until what has to happen is done, the truth is that we are all very committed and isolated from all rumors. Focused on training, working and the next game on Sunday, which is so important.


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