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Guillermo and Enrique from England have a date in London | People

William and Henry from England have been on their separate paths for over a year. Their communication is scarce, almost non-existent as both have recognized. He admits that the affection remains but that the union of yesteryear has disappeared. Without specifying, Enrique points to his older brother as one of those responsible for Meghan Markle not feeling accepted in the royal family. And Guillermo is very upset by the way of acting of the minor who, in his opinion, has not acted as expected of him, assuming his role and helping his grandmother, the queen, in her tasks. Diana of Wales kept them together since childhood when orphanhood came into their lives and now again the figure of her mother is presented as the great hope that the princes will meet again. On July 1, Lady Di would turn 60 and her children are summoned to a ceremony in which a statue erected as a tribute will be inaugurated. It is a project that both started in 2017, when the 20th anniversary of his death in a car accident in Paris was celebrated. It would be very difficult to justify the absence of one of them.

Henry of England has not returned to the United Kingdom since he left in November 2019 with his wife Meghan Markle and their son Archie on their way first to Canada and then to California, where they are now permanently settled. The pandemic has justified the prince’s absences. He was not at the wedding of his cousin Beatrice of York, nor when his grandfather the Duke of Edinburgh fell ill. Nor in other family celebrations or events related to institutions or organizations that it has always supported, such as the Invictus Games. During this time of absence, he has addressed some of these groups through video calls.

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In the interview that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had with Oprah Winfrey, they emphasized that they maintain a dialogue with Elizabeth II. Markle even related that she was the one who called the queen when she learned that the Duke of Edinburgh had been admitted. Enrique also pointed out that he had spoken more with his grandmother in these months of absence from the United Kingdom than in a long time and that Archie also participated in these calls.

Things are quite different when it comes to the Prince of Wales and William of England. Communication with them is complicated. Prince Henry has said that his father has not answered the phone since he announced that he was no longer a senior member of the British royal family. A statement that was followed by a declaration of intent in which he assured that one of his priorities was to reestablish his relationship with his father, a task that does not seem easy. Several royal chroniclers have assured the UK media that the heir is furious with his son for the interview with Oprah Winfrey in which, in addition to accusing the royal family of racism, he assured that he and his son Guillermo were prisoners of the system. Charles of England tried to answer his youngest son point by point, but the palace councilors convinced the queen that it was better to respond with a short message and with a certain conciliatory air. Instead, the Queen’s team will begin to seek the independent opinions of UK experts, businessmen and personalities to ascertain public perception of how Buckingham handles such a sensitive issue in the country as race. Among the planned plans is the idea of ​​hiring a “director of diversity” who can push the idea into the real fabric.

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Guillermo, who is gaining more weight in family decisions, is very critical of his brother. Hours after the interview, he found the opportunity during a public event to proclaim that his family is not racist. And when asked if he had spoken with Enrique, he replied in a warning tone: “No, but I will.” It has not transpired if that conversation has already taken place. Sooner or later one of the two will have to take the first step, if only to organize the tribute to his mother for her 60th birthday, a date marked in red for members of the British royal family and especially for the children of the deceased princess. .

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