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Gunnar Biniasch ascends to the throne of the Baleària WFSS 2022


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The German Gunnar Biniasch has not given any respite to the sailors who have passed through the Baleària Wing Foil Spain Series 2022 in the five stops played throughout the season. In each and every one of the regattas, Biniasch prevailed over his rivals, finishing in first place at all times, without giving the rest the chance to fight for the lead in the general classification of the circuit’s main category, the Baleària Open Pro.

Biniasch, with a total of five points, after climbing to the top of the final podium commented: “This has been my first year on the circuit and I think the five stops have been perfect. That it is a race-only circuit is very good for those of us who want to improve in this modality. The race course has been perfect for each stop and that the organization listens to the opinion of the riders to improve is wonderful and greatly appreciated. Hopefully next year there will be a stop in the Canary Islands, at my house, I would be very excited.”

After the German, and an amazing distance of more than thirty points, the Portuguese Rui Lages signed the best results of his career in the wing foil race with a second place thanks to the excellent results obtained throughout the year, his perseverance and regularity this season. Similarly, the Spanish Pedro Simó completed the final podium of the queen category after not being able to attend the Mallorca regatta for family reasons and achieving two second places in Murcia and Tarifa, a third in Dénia and a fourth place at the stop in Ibiza.

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Regy Dils, champion in WetSuitCare Ooen Advanced

The Belgian sailor Regy Dils repeated Biniasch’s feat, winning practically all the races of the year. Dils was only unable to get on the podium in Mallorca because he was outclassed by the great skill shown by the riders who came to sail in the bay of Palma. Despite this impasse in his streak of success, Dils managed to finish the circuit at the top of the classification, distancing himself by twenty points from his closest rival David José Pérez, who together with the Belgian Pierre de Groodt completed the final podium of the category. .

Dils, at the end of the last day of the last test of the year in Tarifa, commented: “This year’s circuit has been very good. I have learned a lot from my teammates and I think I have evolved for the better throughout this year. The Advanced category is very good for the level with which I started the year, but I think that now I am ready to measure myself against the pros next season.”

Finally, the Spaniard Adrián Albiñana climbed to the top of the podium in the Levitaz Open Amateur category after finishing first in the Tarifa regatta. Together with him and in a tie on points, the Argentine Milton Montalvo finished in second place and, just one point behind, the Spanish Daniel Dueñas closed the circuit as third place in the Levitaz Open Amateur category.

Albiñana declared when knowing the final classification: “The truth is that I really like this circuit because it gives you the opportunity to sail with the best athletes and learn from them, which motivates you a lot to continue improving and making an effort. I have really enjoyed the good atmosphere that there is always in the regattas, which I also think is essential to have a good experience.”

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Tarifa, final venue of the Baleària WFSS 2022

For the first time, the national wing foil race circuit has come to the famous Cadiz municipality of Tarifa, where the last Baleària WFSS 2022 regatta of the year has taken place. Over two days of competition, national and European athletes have been able to Enjoy the experience of sailing in Tarifa waters.

On the first day of competition, the west wind between ten and fourteen knots allowed a total of four tests to be carried out before the intensity dropped and it was insufficient to navigate. In these tests, the German Gunnar Biniasch prevailed over his rivals, although in the third test of the day he made a mistake that cost him eleven points, luckily Biniasch was able to rule out that test and remain the leader of the fleet.

In the WetSuitCare Open Advanced category, David José Pérez was positioned at the head of the classification by achieving three first places and one second. While Adrian Albiñana finished the first day with four first places that earned him the leadership of the Levitaz Open Advanced category.

On the second and last day of competition, the famous Tarifa wind was too variable, in terms of intensity and direction, for the wing foil boards to be able to sail with guarantees on the regatta field. After exhausting the waiting time limit, the Principal Regatta Officer Antonio Ordovás ended the day and the competition, leaving the podium of the Baleària WFSS 2022 Tarifa configured with the classifications obtained the previous day.

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