Saturday, November 27

Gunsmith from Baldwin shoot defends herself and points out producers

Popular altarpiece in memory of Halyna Hutchins, killed by the accidental shooting of Alec Baldwin, in Albuquerque.

While the authorities continue to investigate how the fatal accident with a real bullet could have occurred on the set of ‘Rust’ in which cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died and with the open possibility that criminal charges may end up being filed, the defenses of the most indicated people through lawyers. This Friday, two representing Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the responsible for the weapons in the filming of the western, they have issued a statement on her behalf in which they assure that she “has no idea where the real bullets came from” and in which they point out the producers as responsible for the “unsafety”On the set.

Safety is the number one priority of Hannah on set ”, write in the text lawyers Jason Bowles and Robert Gorence, who defend the professionalism of the 24-year-old, daughter of a veteran gunsmith and for whom ‘Rust’ was her second feature film.

Pointing to the producers the text, for example, he assures that his client was hired for two jobs, something that they say “made it extremely difficult for him to concentrate on his work as a gunsmith.” It is also stated that “she fought so that there would be training sessions, days to carry out the maintenance of the weapons and adequate time to prepare the shootings, but she ended up being disallowed by the production and its department. The whole set got unsafe”, They continue,“ due to various factors, including the lack of security meetings. This was not Hannah’s fault, ”they conclude.

The statement also defends that Gutierrez-Reed has never suffered an accidental discharge of a weapon and explains that the two who were in the filming of ‘Rust’ before last Thursday the weapon that Alec Baldwin was handling was fired in the incident that cost the The life of Hutchins and the wounding of director Joel Souza were the protagonists of the props boss and Baldwin’s double, who they assure that his client had warned that the weapon was “hot”, loaded with blank bullets.


“Hannah wants to address falsehoods that have been told to the media and that they have misrepresented and slandered her,” write the lawyers, who also address reports that point to the possibility of shooting practice during breaks from filming. “Hannah and the props chief had control over the weapons and she never witnessed anyone firing live bullets with these weapons or would allow it,” they write. “(The weapons) were locked up every night and during meals and there’s no way none of them were unaccounted for or was shot by team members ”.

An inventory presented in court by detectives after having access to the truck where the weapons was kept lists 12 revolvers, a rifle, a cartridge belt and four boxes with different types of ammunition, as well as a blank for a blank bullet and a “bullet Colt 45 ”, the type of real revolver that Baldwin was handling in the fatal moment. That material is in addition to the other three revolvers and 500 rounds of ammunition that the police took in a previous search at the Bonanza Creek ranch.

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