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gyms may open until curfew time

A gym preparing to reopen last Friday

A gym preparing to reopen last Friday
Hector Fuentes

Its gyms from the province of Alicante (and the rest of the Valencian Community) they will be able to open their doors until curfew instead of until 8 p.m., as announced by the Consell after the meeting of the Interdepartmental last Thursday. Thus it appears in a correction of the resolution published today in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat, according to “The closed sports facilities, in any case, will carry out their activity within the time limits established for the mobility of people regulated in the decree of the President of the Generalitat, not being able to remain the users inside outside the allowed hours, except for authorized competitions and their training sessions “. The time limits are at 22 hours, when the curfew begins.

A novelty regarding masks, which is still mandatory inside sports centers “Except for those athletes who participate in competitions.” And the use of showers and changing rooms is allowed in authorized competitions.

The gyms have opened this Monday after 53 days of no activity and have received users “eagerly” to return to face-to-face exercise, to those who recommend not overloading and start with low intensity in the effort to acclimatize the body and breathing to the mask.

The president of the Association of Sports Centers, Juan Carlos Gómez-Pantoja, has assured that the aextension of the closing time from 8 p.m. to the mobility limits, According to the correction of the resolution of the Ministry of Health, it is good news to be able to expand the number of classes and avoid any crowding, according to Efe.

Nevertheless, Despite optimism, 30% of gyms (60-70 centers) are closing after the inactivity period – they have lost 50% of clients and 60% of turnover – and the lack of aid since only Awarded for centers with a workforce of less than ten workers.

Regarding the schedules, Gómez-Pantoja recalled that it was “a mistake” to equate gyms with commerce for closing at eight o’clock in the afternoon because it meant going from three classes to one in the last section of the day, and has indicated that, as most users are people who live or work near sports centers, the closing time will be at 9.45 pm.

Also, consider that many gyms are going to consider bringing the opening early to 7 in the morning and not close at noon to be able to meet the 30% capacity, and trusts that after Easter it will increase and they will be able to provide more service in the face of the “bikini operation”.

After a time of physical inactivity, although a large number of gyms have provided their sports services with classes online, the graduates in Physical Education advise lower the intensity in the first weeks to acclimatize the body and thinking about the use of the mask, which is inconvenient for breathing, and above all not to overload the body and joints with an excessive level of intensity.

Gyms have developed protocols to improve the health of users who have suffered from coronavirus, based on muscle toning and cardiovascular work.

Customers have highlighted the use of individual showers, which 90% of the centers have, for hygiene and comfort, especially in the case of swimming pool users.

Gómez-Pantoja has expressed concern about physical inactivity due to the restrictions, especially in the child population, which can lead to obesity.

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