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Gynecologist diagnoses a young Spanish woman as “homosexual”; look for your case to help

Young Spanish woman is diagnosed as “homosexual”. (Photo: Getty)

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Murcia, Oct 7 (EFE) .- Alba Aragón, the young Spanish woman 19-year-old who saw reflected in a clinical report, after a gynecological examination, that his homosexuality was a “disease”, accepted today the apology of the gynecologist who wrote the document, which has generated great controversy in Spain after being made public, a situation that the victim reported to help other people who are “more insecure” to face this situation.

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Alba received on September 4 a medical report that textually included homosexuality as a “current disease” in a gynecology consultation in the city of Murcia (southeast of Spain), as reported by the LGTBI association “Galactyco” to which he went for information.

The association recalled that since 1990 the World Health Organization had withdrawn the homosexuality from the list of diseases However, 31 years later there has been this case in which sexual orientation is considered a disease, for which reason this group publicly denounced “manifest ignorance with” lgtbiphobic “overtones that involves relating sexual orientation with disease” .

In statements to Efe, the young spanish reported that during the review carried out last Monday commented to his gynecologist that he was homosexual because he thought it could be relevant information at the time of diagnosis or treatment.

Later, the doctor asked him if he cared if he put his sexual orientation in the report, answering that he agreed to it, without knowing that he included it in the section called “Current illness”.

The young woman affirmed that she noticed this fact when she had already arrived home, and was “very surprised” because it is an “insult” and an “injustice” that reflect their homosexuality as a disease in a review motivated by “something else totally different”, for which he filed a complaint at the health center.

Alba Aragón wants her case to help other cases. (Photo: Getty)

Although he has accepted the apologies of the doctor and the Reina Sofía hospital, Aragón does not believe in the version of the health center, which attributes the situation to an error when collecting the data, because the gynecologist had to “type the word ”. “Everyone has their thoughts; Some are better, others are worse and we don’t have to think about it any more, ”he said.

The young woman assured that she chose to make her case public in case she can help “other people who are not so clear about it or are more insecure.” “That is the intention, to help them and to think that Homosexuality is not a disease, far from it, nor is it bad, “he said. EFE

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