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Hacking Education Murcia | Fear among teachers if Educarm hackers accessed their bank details

The computer attack suffered by the website of the Ministry of Education, Educarm, has outraged teachers in the Region, who fear that ‘hackers’ have been able to access their bank account details that are displayed in their personal spaces on the page.

The Community rejects this possibility and demands that users only inform themselves through official sources, since hoaxes related to the ‘hack’ are appearing. He insists that the incidence, whose origin is being investigated, is controlled.

The Federation of Teaching of Workers Commissions assured this Sunday to have received “innumerable calls from affiliates and affiliates” who assure that they have been able to verify how the bank account number in your personal profile has been changed.

«We may be facing a serious security breach since with passwords you can access personal, bank and academic data of both teachers and students«, Affirms Nacho Tornel. »However, the most serious thing is that the administration has not yet ruled on the scope of the hack, or on whether sensitive data is compromised. This is generating great confusion and concern among the teaching community, “he added.

In this sense, CC OO demands “total transparency regarding the scope of what happened so that teachers can know what to expect and get out of the uncertainty in which the opacity of the administration has us plunged.” «The Ministry of Education should give an official explanation as soon as possible and explain what sensitive data has been compromised by this cyber attack. CC OO regrets that once again education workers must find out about the important things that concern them through the press, “says Tornel.

Anonymous teachers contacted LA VERDAD this Sunday to confirm that they had seen altered the data of the bank accounts that they show in their Educarm profiles, so they proceeded to put Report to the police authorities and request the bank to cancel your accounts.

Other sources decouple this alteration in bank details from the cyber attack. They assure that it may be due to the fact that the account numbers prior to the mergers of the banking entities that have taken place in recent years still appear in Educarm’s profiles.

The PSOE denounces “lack of transparency”

For his part, the socialist deputy Antonio José Espín denounced the total lack of transparency of the regional government about the security breach suffered in the computer systems on which the Educarm platform depends, which provides service to the entire educational system of the Region. “We are informed that the computer security systems of the Ministry have been violated, even reaching the point of having had access to all the personal data of teachers and students without the regional government having made public official and truthful information about it,” he said. the parliamentarian of the PSOE.

Espín assures that the users of the platform received messages inviting them to change their passwords in the face of what, at first, they called “a specific problem in the system”, but which seems to have been a computer attack that has been able to compromise the information of thousands of teachers, “which has plunged the educational community of the Region of Murcia into a tremendous concern, to which they are not getting a response from the regional Executive in accordance with the magnitude of the problem.”

“Four days have passed since the detection of the security breach and we still have no official information from the regional government in this regard, demonstrating, once again, its total lack of transparency in the face of these serious events.”

Antonio José Espín has commented that in the last few hours there have been particular cases in which the data of the bank accounts have been modified and others in which, after the change of the password by those affected, the access to have been modified again by outsiders. “And in the face of this chaos there is no truthful information that indicates the way in which teachers and students should proceed,” he explained.

The Socialist deputy has demanded that the Government of López Miras immediately report the nature of the violation, categories of data and affected stakeholders; measures imposed by the person responsible to resolve that bankruptcy and the measures adopted to reduce possible damages.

“We are facing a possible theft of personal data information of thousands of teachers and students that include bank, academic, medical and identification data that could cause serious damage and before this the regional Executive continues without giving a convincing explanation, something intolerable”, Antonio José Espín has finished.

The Community warns that attacks have increased by 80% in 2020

The Community reported this Sunday that, after learning of the attack, the security protocol was activated, which includes changing the access passwords and notifying those who might be affected so that they can change them again.

During the pandemic, the computer services of the Community have registered a notable increase, we have seen how the number of computer attacks has increased significantly. In the case of those considered of high intensity, this increase has been 80%, going from 18 in 2019 to 32 last year.

During the past year, the Community’s anti-hacking systems detected and stopped a total of 1,294 cyberattacks on its servers without them being affected, which represents an average of more than a hundred attacks stopped each month.

The Community’s IT services have been working since the attack was detected, and the investigation is continuing at this time.


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