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Haiti Announces the Capture of a Miami-Residing Doctor as the Mastermind of the President’s Assassination | International

The director general of the Haitian National Police, Léon Charles, speaks at a press conference in Port-au-Prince (Haiti) on Sunday, July 11, to announce the arrest of the alleged mastermind of the assassination of the president.
The director general of the Haitian National Police, Léon Charles, speaks at a press conference in Port-au-Prince (Haiti) on Sunday, July 11, to announce the arrest of the alleged mastermind of the assassination of the president.Orlando Barría / EFE

The Haitian authorities announced this Sunday the arrest of one of the alleged intellectual authors of the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. This is Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a 63-year-old doctor who has lived in Florida for more than two decades.

The Haitian police chief hinted that Sanon was plotting to become president and said that, among other evidence, when the police intercepted several members of the command “the first person they called was Emmanuel Sanon.” This was revealed by the director general of the Haitian National Police, Léon Charles, at a press conference in Port-au-Prince.

According to the police, there are two other intellectual authors involved, but their identities were not released. During a search of his home, police found a DEA cap, a box of cartridges, 20 boxes of bullets, 24 unused shooting targets, and four Dominican Republic license plates.

According to the reconstruction carried out by the police, Sanon arrived in Haiti a month ago by private plane from Florida accompanied by a group of six Colombians originally hired to act as bodyguards, “But then they received a new order: arrest the president,” said the Police chief. “That’s where the new operation began,” which was later joined by another 22 people, he said.

“Sanon arrived by private plane in June for political purposes and contacted a private security company to recruit the people who committed this act,” detailed Charles. The company hired, he said, was a US-based Venezuelan security company called CTU. In reference to this company, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro revealed this Saturday that the company is owned by Antonio Intriago, a Venezuelan linked to the opposition, “a personal friend of Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López,” Maduro said from Caracas.

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As for the investigation of the assassination, the objective now of the Haitian police, which works with Colombian officials and seven FBI agents who have arrived in the country, is to find out who financed the operation, who paid the tickets for the second group or who paid their salaries, that were around $ 2,700 per person. The two arrested Haitian Americans confessed to the judge that they were not in the president’s room when he was assassinated and that they had been hired only to act as translators for the command. According to them, the objective was not to kill the president, but to kidnap him to take him to the national palace, revealed the Haitian judge who interviewed them.

The police are also investigating the role played in the operation by Dimitri Hérard, the head of Security at the National Palace. Dimitri Hérard was in the crosshairs of investigators for alleged arms trafficking and will have to testify this Monday together with President Moïse’s head of security, Jean Laguel Civil. Both are suspected of allowing the president to be viciously tortured and killed without anyone on his team being injured. Both will have to explain how the command managed to enter the house without an exchange of shots, although the exterior of the place was strewn with shells.

Regarding the supposed intellectual organizer, it is known that he has lived long periods in Florida for the last 20 years and that he declared bankruptcy in 2013. In a video posted on YouTube in 2011 titled “Leadership for Haiti” -when Moïse was not even an active politician- he presents himself as a doctor and describes the country’s leaders as corrupt and accuses them of depriving the country of its resources, saying that “they don’t care about the people.” In the video he is running for president and defends that the Caribbean country has natural resources such as uranium and oil that have been seized by the political class. “With me in power, you’re going to have to tell me: ‘What are you doing with my uranium? What do you do with the oil we have in the country? ‘, He says in the video. And he insists: “We need a new leadership that changes the way of life.” Your Twitter account She has been inactive since 2011 and at the time of her capture she had 67 followers and was not following anyone.

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So far, the balance of the hunting and capturing operation undertaken since the murder on Wednesday, the police confirmed the participation of 26 Colombians of whom 18 have been arrested, three have died and another five are still at large. The latter “are dangerous individuals,” said the police chief. “I’m talking about a specialized command,” he described.

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