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Haiti FA President Yves Jean-Bart Banned for Life by FIFA for Sexual Abuse | Football

FIFA banned Yves Jean-Bart, the president of the Haitian Football Federation, from all football-related activities and fined him 1 million Swiss francs (£ 827,000) after his ethics committee found him guilty. of having abused his position and having sexually harassed and abused several players, including minors.

Jean-Bart, known as “Dadou”, was first accused of forcing several players from the Center Technique National in Croix-des-Bouquets to have sex with him in a Guardian article in April, after numerous sources involved made accusations. with the center, including the alleged victims and their next of kin.

FIFA provisionally suspended the 73-year-old for 90 days in May before extending his ban for another 90 days in August while the ethics committee continued its investigation.

It was scheduled to expire on Sunday, but a statement on Friday said Jean-Bart, president of the FHF since 2000, had been found to have violated FIFA’s code of ethics.

“The decision-making chamber of the independent Ethics Committee has found Yves Jean-Bart, president of the Haitian Football Association (FHF) and former member of the FIFA permanent committee, guilty of abusing his position and harassing and abusing sexually involving several players, including minors, in violation of the FIFA Code of Ethics, ”the statement read.

“The aforementioned ethics procedures are part of an extensive investigation into Mr. Jean-Bart, as well as other FHF officials, who were identified as allegedly involved (as directors, accomplices or instigators) in acts of systematic sexual abuse against women footballers between 2014 and 2020. The process is still pending regarding other FHF officials.

“In its decision, the court determined that Mr. Jean-Bart had infringed art. 23 (Protection of physical and mental integrity) and art. 25 (Abuse of office) of the FIFA Code of Ethics and sanctioned it with the suspension for life of all activities related to football (administrative, sporting or of any other nature) both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, a fine of 1,000,000 Swiss francs has been imposed on Mr Jean-Bart ”.

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On Thursday Jean-Bart was acquitted of any wrongdoing by the Haitian justice system and his spokesman said the former president intends to appeal FIFA’s decision to the sports arbitration court.

“FIFA’s decision is a travesty of justice and a purely political move to avoid further controversy and bad press following a series of high-profile scandals,” he said in a statement to the Guardian. “Unlike the Haitian judicial system that adequately investigated and cleared Dr. Jean-Bart of any wrongdoing, FIFA did not review the actual evidence, so Dr. Jean-Bart expects to be exonerated and fully reinstated after appealing to the sports arbitration court. “

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