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Haiti reminds the US in the UN General Assembly that it is a country raised by migrants and refugees | International

Haitians evicted from Texas crowd into a shelter in Monterrey, Mexico, this Friday.
Haitians evicted from Texas crowd into a shelter in Monterrey, Mexico, this Friday.EDGARD GARRIDO / Reuters

In the final stretch of the UN General Assembly, which theoretically unites countries large and small, rich and poor, the voice of the Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, has risen this Saturday against the shameful treatment of Haitian migrants in Texas by United States border agents. “Without intending to replicate the right of a sovereign State to control the entry of foreigners to its territory, or to return to their country of origin those who have entered illegally, we believe that many now prosperous countries have been built thanks to successive waves of migrants and refugees, ”Henry reminded the plenary of the organization, just hours after the makeshift camp for thousands of Haitians in Del Rio was dismantled.

In a prerecorded message, Henry has censored the actions of the agents on horseback against the Haitians, which this Friday was described as “outrageous” by President Joe Biden and is the subject of an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security. “In recent days, the images of how many of my compatriots have been treated on the border between Mexico and the United States have shocked many people,” he stressed.

The United States had deported 1,314 Haitians trapped on its border with Mexico to their country on Thursday, in the umpteenth episode of the migration crisis since Biden’s arrival to the presidency, last January.

“Human beings, fathers and mothers who have children will always try to flee from poverty and conflict,” recalled the head of the Government of Haiti, a country plunged into a total economic, political and security crisis. topped off by natural catastrophes such as the earthquake that devastated the country again in mid-August, a decade after the 2010 earthquake, with a death toll of 200,000. For this reason, he stressed, “emigration will continue as long as there are rich areas on the planet and the majority of the world’s population lives in poverty with no prospect of a better life.” Haiti is the poorest country in America and is also experiencing an institutional crisis after the assassination, in July, of President Jovenel Moïse.

The accumulation of calamities that devastates Haiti is the explanation of the exodus, Henry has come to recall, extending the explanation to the migratory phenomenon as a whole. “To find a lasting solution to the problem of emigration, the causes of population displacement must be tackled at its roots. I invite the international community to urgently increase measures aimed at improving living conditions in countries that send political or economic refugees ”, Henry concluded his speech.

President Biden is the target of criticism both from the Republican right, which reproaches him for his laxity in immigration matters, and from the left, which considers the episode of border agents chasing Haitians on horseback to prevent them from crossing the river. that separates Mexico from the US Images of shame that constitute a new source of embarrassment for the Biden Administration, after the criticism received for the disbandment of Afghanistan.

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