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Half a hundred police reports in just one night for breaking curfew

Control at dawn by the Local Police.  |  INFORMATION

Control at dawn by the Local Police. | INFORMATION

The Local Police of Alicante intervened last morning to dissolve a bottle organized in the Espoz y Mina street, within the framework of the control and surveillance device to deal with the coronavirus.

In addition, a total of fifty people for disobedience of the state of alarm, alcohol and traffic offenses, of which 24 penalties are for breaking the curfew and be moving without justification through the city.

According to police sources at 11:00 p.m., the agents of the Fox Unit of the Local Police located on Espoz y Mina Street, in front of Tabacalera, a group of young people making an illegal bottle, and raised three records for alcohol consumption on public roads. In this same intervention, two other complaints are for violation of the Citizen Security Law, one for possession of narcotic substances carrying hashish, and another for possession and display of a knife on public roads.

The Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, has asked once again “maximum responsibility to all, we must not lower our guard to avoid catching covid, and we have to comply with the curfew as well as the use of masks and security measures. health and safety for the good and health of citizens to put a stop to this pandemic.

The Local Police also set up a static traffic control on Avenida de Juan Bautista Lafora, between 00:00 and 02:00, where they intercepted 23 vehicles in which the documentation of the cars as well as the drivers and passengers was checked. They interposed 14 complaints for non-compliance with the curfew to people who did not justify their trips after 00.00 hours. They also issued four other fines to drivers for exceeding the legally established BAC.

The agents filed ten more in various streets of the city such as Serpentina, C Quartz, Esmeralda, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Alonso Cano, Jaime II, Calderón and Camino de Benimagrell.

In Elche, the Local Police described the night as “quiet”, in which a dozen complaints were filed for going without a mask or exceeding the curfew. The main incidents are taking place in the Carrús neighborhood, where services are concentrated.

The Police, every night, send patrols to carry out controls in the districts to avoid not only the transfer of citizens, but also the commission of crimes. Likewise, from 10 pm a patrol inspects each green area to avoid the presence of young people and, especially, the bottle. Every weekend, in Elche one hundred complaints are being overcome.

Officers intercepting a driver at night. | INFORMATION

Other sanctions

Another 17 complaints have been for breaches and infractions in terms of traffic surveillance and discipline, five minutes for having expired ITV, eight for lacking insurance, two for exceeding red lights, two for improper parking, and a total of ten vehicles have been removed to the municipal depot.

At around 12:45 a.m., the control agents saw how a driver collided with the curb of the sidewalk, coming to a stop very close to the marquee of a bus stop, but without actually colliding. Upon impact, the right front wheel burst. The driver showed obvious symptoms of being under the influence of alcoholic beverages, tested positive and proceedings were instructed for a crime against road safety.

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