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Half a thousand residents of Elche urge the City Council to act with investments in the Blue Floors

Above, pigeon droppings;  in the center, painted;  and, below, the effects of the leaks.  |  ANTONIO AMORÓS

Above, pigeon droppings; in the center, painted; and, below, the effects of the leaks. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

About 500 residents of the so-called Blue Floors of Elche are upset with the Elche City Council for different reasons. For years they are demanding investments, especially the waterproofing of the inner square delimited by the Doctor Ferrán passage and Mariano Benlliure, Andreu Castillejos and Gabriel Miró streets. The square is on private land, but it is for public use and, according to the neighbors, the City Council committed itself in writing in 1975 to its maintenance, an agreement that was again endorsed in a public document a few years ago.

The main problem, according to Juan Manuel Quirant, neighborhood president, is that this square is not waterproofed, so that every time it rains a large amount of water leaks into the basement, where there are garages and storage rooms of this urbanization. The threads of water, according to the neighbors, are like waterfalls.

Half a thousand residents urge the City Council to act with investments in the Blue Floors

Along with this, they regret that, despite the owners having spent significant money on the painted the facades of the urbanization, in a few weeks the walls facing the square were already ugly with graffiti by thugs or, even worse, peeling from the effects of playing ball in this square.

The thing goes further, since also They denounce that there is no action against the pigeon plague that nest here, which causes an extra increase of dirt on the ground and some urban elements. The owners demand that the City Council take charge of a chicken coop that they have placed and that has cost the neighbors more than 2,000 euros. This mesh tries to prevent the pigeons from sneaking into an air cushion between the ground floor and the first floor.

Half a thousand residents urge the City Council to act with investments in the Blue Floors

To complete that anger in this community of owners, the Department of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor you are enabling a new dependencies to provide service to unemployed people and, according to neighbors, plans to open a service door to this private square. For the residents here this is something that should have been communicated to the community of owners so that they could give the corresponding permission, but it has not been the case, they assure, at any time. Moreover, they affirm that The City Council of Elche has given authorization to the Generalitat to enable this door, something that further irritates the community of owners.

The Councilor for Maintenance, Héctor Díez, shows his face and indicates that although possibly a good part of the problems do not depend on his business, he assures that the City Council is open to holding a meeting with the owners. Moreover, the councilor is surprised after learning that, although the community has sent numerous writings to him, the mayor and other councilors in recent months through OMAC, he has no record of these writings.

In any case, it points out that sooner or later it will be necessary to sit down to delimit the property of the square and in what terms the agreement is constituted. «There is a public square easement and there is a public passage. The floor of the square is private land and initially it was a private property square ”, the mayor points out from the outset without wanting to subtract the responsibility that may have to the City Council.

In his opinion, the problem is that the construction company created a low-capacity sewer system. And they know it in the Consistory because their municipal technicians have come to the place several times.

«With the PP the pergola was remodeled and flowerpots were put in. We do pruning and maintain the swings, “adds Díez, who does not evade the debate over who should pay for the asphalt layer so that water does not continue to leak into the garage, where there are about 250 vehicles.

In his opinion, it is necessary to act from the urban point of view – an area that does not depend on this mayor – and try to reach some kind of agreement, “but that is a legal issue,” says Héctor Díez, who indicates that the City Council should establish whether or not you can waterproof and invest in private land with everyone’s money.

No fire alarm and only “good words”

Every time it rains, the leaks cause the automatic to trip and cancel the fire alarm in the garage located under the Plaza de los Pisos Azules, with the danger that this entails. This is one of the main concerns of the residents of this area, whose president, Juan Manuel Quirant, assures that, in view of the fact that the City Council does not answer his continuous writings, they have had to appear up to four times to convey their discomfort . “We have always been very well served by the staff of the councils, with good words, but no deeds,” he laments.

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