Monday, October 18

Half a ton of marijuana is seized from a San Vicente company that pretended to trade in hemp

Boxes with buds seized in the San Vicente warehouse.

Boxes with buds seized in the San Vicente warehouse.

The Civil Guard has stopped at San Vicente del Raspeig five people with half a ton of marijuana buds that they produced in a warehouse pretending to be engaged in the legal trade in hemp fiber. The drug was to be exported to Switzerland and would have reached a value of 750,000 euros on the black market. In addition to marijuana, the operation involved 29,500 euros in bundles of banknotes that were hidden under the dashboard shells, 800 portable dryers, vehicles and material for the treatment of the buds.

The investigations began on October 21 after several citizens alerted the Civil Guard that he smelled a lot of marijuana in the vicinity of an industrial estate in San Vicente del Raspeig. Agents of the Research Area They located an industrial warehouse where they smelled marijuana and established a surveillance device in which they verified a movement of people and vehicles that led them to think that there could be a large marijuana plantation inside.

While carrying out surveillance, the agents saw a refrigerated truck leaving the warehouse heading towards the highway and when they proceeded to stop it, the driver ignored the signals of the guards and tried to flee. The Civil Guard blocked his path with an official car and after stopping the truck the agents inspected the back of the truck and found 325 kilograms of marijuana buds distributed in garbage bags.

After this discovery, the Civil Guard made a search in the suspicious ship and in the home of the five arrested. The agents seized in the warehouse another 150 kilos of marijuana buds distributed in cardboard boxes, as well as 800 portable dryers, a thousand empty boxes, dehumidifiers, scales and material for drying the drug. In the house they also located small doses of marijuana and hashish and 500 euros.

Money that the leader of the group hid in a car.

According to Civil Guard, The leader of the group rented the vehicles used to transport the marijuana and organized the entire operation and gave instructions to the rest of the members of the organization.

The group had registered a fictitious company dedicated to the legal trade in hemp fiber in order to evade police action and even when they were arrested they alleged that the “marĂ­a” intervened did not contain any psychotropic principle. However, analysis of the merchandise revealed that it was marijuana with a high content of tetrahydrocannabinol, the main constituent of cannabis.

The Civil Guard carried out the operation in just one week due to the risk of flight of the suspects and arrested five men between 27 and 49 years old and of Dutch, Swiss, Swedish, French and Spanish nationality. Three of those arrested were placed in preventive prison after being brought to justice and the other two were released on charges.

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