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Halloween: The 5 scariest road routes

Halloween: The 5 scariest road routes

On the occasion of the feast of Halloween, also called Halloween, the caravan rental platform Indie Campers has made a compilation of the five scariest road routes to live a scary journey, as real witnesses have witnessed truly terrifying moments while driving through them.

The enchanted sanatorium in Belitre Heilstätten (Germany)

It is a sanatorium made up of a total of sixty buildings that served as military hospital during the two world wars. In fact, Adolf Hitler was admitted to this sanatorium. To get to this destination you must take the detour of the national road L 88 towards Fichtenwalde until reaching the town of Beelitz, where only through a mysterious path, you will enter a forest that will take you to the sanatorium, nowadays abandoned.

Many of the people who have visited this sanitarium have felt strange sensations, sudden changes in temperature and have heard whispers and footsteps in apparently empty rooms. In addition, horrible events have occurred in this place, such as the case of the policeman known as the Beast of Beelitz, who murdered six people in 1989, or the case of the scientist who carried out different experiments on a twenty-year-old girl.

The girl from Valparaíso (Cáceres)

A terrible event that occurred in the 19th century gives rise to this story in which a girl lost her life after apparently falling from the carriage in which she was traveling when she returned with her family from taking her first communion. It is said that the carriage passed by the abandoned village of Valparaíso when a pack of wild wolves and snakes startled the carriage horses, which galloped off. When they returned in search of the girl, she had disappeared. The most surprising thing is that this event was repeated in the 50s, making him a cursed legend.

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Many of the inhabitants of nearby towns who circulate on the road that connects Peraleda de la Mata with Torviscoso in Cáceres they affirm that on closed nights a girl dressed for first communion appears with a rosary in her hand on one side of the road.

The M6: the road of horrors (England)

This mysterious highway of about 2,000 years of existence has collected a myriad of spooky events, which is why it is already popularly known as the highway of horrors. Many drivers claim to have seen a woman dressed as a bride on the side of the road, where years ago a girl was murdered on her way to the altar. Other witnesses claim to have picked up a man hitchhiking and that after telling them how they can solve the world’s problems, he disappears as if by magic. Also, in the stretch of highway between Carlisle and Rugby, many drivers claim to have seen ghosts of Roman soldiers and fire-eyed ghosts roaming the road.

The ghost nun (Milan)

Legend has it that an old woman located on the German-Austrian border was alerting all drivers that something bad was going to happen to them if they did not let her get into the car with them. In 1977, according to several witnesses, this same nun traveled the roads near the city of Milan alerting drivers that the city was going to be destroyed by an earthquake on February 27. Fortunately, this bad omen has not been fulfilled, although it is true that this ghost nun it has aroused the fear of citizens for a long time.

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The tunnel of ghosts (Switzerland)

Few drivers dare to cross the Belchen tunnel, which connects Basel with Hagendorf, when night falls. This highway houses very strange stories and events that have been collected by several witnesses. Among his most shocking stories, stands out the appearance of an old woman dressed in white who walks the tunnel on foot. Likewise, two women who were driving through said tunnel claimed to have seen a woman in front of their vehicle who warned them of a great danger. However, when they wanted to be aware of it, it disappeared.

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