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Hands up, penalty charged: controversial penalty led England to the final of Euro 2020 [Video]

Hands up, penalty charged: controversial penalty led England to the final of Euro 2020 [Video]

The skilled Sterling generated the controversial play.

Laurence Griffiths / AFP / Getty Images

Hands up, criminal charged. All Denmark can similarly describe the action that led to his elimination from Euro 2020. It was a penalty saved by Kasper Schmeichel, but not missed by Harry Kane. England won in the semifinals (2-1) and will play the final of the European competition against Italy.

With the game tied at one goal, and close to the end of the first half of extra time, Raheem Sterling he leaked into the area before a group of Danish defenders who cornered him. At the slightest contact he dropped, and referee Danny Makkelie did not hesitate to collect the maximum penalty.

The play was reviewed by the VAR, but did not intervene further. The game stopped for a few seconds. The decision was later confirmed. Makkelie was not called to rewatch the play. The offense was confirmed, as well as the conviction of a heroic Denmark.

Harry Kane, before the most important maximum penalty of his career, he erred in the first instance. Kasper Schmeichel guessed the direction of the charge and almost spoiled the party at Wembley.

However, the Danish goalkeeper left a rebound served at the feet of the Tottenham striker, who this time would not miss the obvious scoring opportunity: Kane sent it to save first.

It was a goal to remember, the goal that qualified England to their first senior men’s final in history.

The controversy increased moments later. Although there was contact against Sterling, it was minimal. It is a play of interpretation, but at first glance the friction does not seem enough to knock down a player.

Also, when Sterling’s action started, two balls were in play: the one worn by the Manchester City attacker, and another ball located near the corner kick flag, in the same attack zone as England. The meeting did not stop.

To top it off for the Danes, seconds before stopping the penalty, Kasper Schmeichel he suffered to see well because of a laser aimed from the stands that tried to distract him.

Nothing changed. Neither from the referees nor on the scoreboard. England held 2-1 and qualified for the final of Euro 2020. A dream final, but controversial because of the context in which it occurs.

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