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Handyman Liverpool and Ajax on a Sunday of classics

  • Barça-Madrid was not the only European football classic that was played on a super Sunday in which Marseille-PSG, Inter-Juve, Ajax-PSV and United-Liverpool were also chained. Leo dribbles the bottles and an ultra, but still does not make his debut in the French League.

Leo Messi, who had only missed (and due to injury) three Barça-Madrid since he played his first in 2005, saw Barça-Madrid from France. The Argentine striker felt the intensity of Marseille-PSG, which was experienced more in the stands than in the field (0-0), as in Inter-Juve (1-1). Quite the opposite of the bacchanalia of Ajax-PSV and United-Liverpool, which were solved with both hands.

Old Trafford wrong

Squad Jurgen Klopp humiliated Manchester United with a resounding 0-5. Liverpool had already scored four at halftime thanks to an early goal of both Keita and a hat trick of a Incorrect untied. The Egyptian striker clearly won the duel against a deranged Cristiano, who saw a goal disallowed. Pogba, also nervous, he went to the shower early when he saw the direct red for a ticket with both feet first. An action that represented the frustration of the Red Devils before a tumble of those who make history.

Ten Hag honors Cruyff

If the English classic was resolved in the first half, the Dutch aired in the second. Erik ten Hag, After crushing Dortmund in the Champions League (4-0), he again signed an exhibition of play and goals against his historic rival (5-0). After what Steven BerghuisAt 19 minutes after Tadic passed, he overtook Ajax, the festival came after the restart. The Ivorian Sebastian haller, to pass again from Tadic, sank PSV before the Brazilian Antony and Davy Klaassen complete the poker. In added time, Tadic rounded off the win with fifth, unleashing madness at the Johan Cruyff Arena. Ten Hag continues to honor Cruyff’s memory and in the last two games he has scored as many goals (9) as Barça in their last 9 games.

Gas and tear gas

Leo’s first classic in the French League will be remembered for the tear gas that the police had to use against the ultras and for an equally tearful game. Leo, who had to dribble bottles every time he tried to take a corner, tried to break the initial tie with his classic slaloms, but without success. It still does not debut in the League. In the fourth game of the trident Messi-Mbappé-Neymar, the only two goals (by Peres in his own after a shot from the Brazilian and by Milik for Marseille) in the first half did not rise to the scoreboard. The VAR also left PSG with one less, due to the expulsion of Hakimi. Payet and the former Blue Konrad had a couple of good chances, but the most notable was when a spontaneous jumped to try jumped onto the field and stopped one against Leo.

Dumfries gives Juve a point

Nor will Inter-Juventus go down in history. Another bad game on occasions in which Dzeko took advantage of a rebound to put the neroazzurri. The Bosnian striker, who has scored six goals in the last seven Serie A games, continues to make up for Lukaku’s absence with note at 35. The you It hardly created danger but was met with a gift from the sky with an absurd penalty from Dumfries to Alex Sandro, five minutes from time, which Dybala did not miss.

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