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HANGOVER REMEDIES | Homemade tricks to avoid headaches and nausea after drinking alcohol

Family reunions, friends, feasts, tapas, beers, wines … Christmas and the New Year bring more things with them apart from gifts, happiness and peace. The long-awaited reunions, (even if they are in petit committee and bubble nuclei to maintain the security in this pandemic and protect ours from the covid) they become festive gatherings where alcohol is the protagonist, nothing bad if it weren’t for the the hangover the next day can make us bitter on the first day of the year.

If you want to handle a hangover with elegance or prevent terrible headaches, nausea, dizziness and stomach upset, write down: these are the tricks and home remedies that you should apply.

First of all, the urban myths and legends about the hangover number in the hundreds. Although the body asks sugar, fat and caffeine, this triumvirate is evil for that much dreaded post-party moment. The café, for example, it is a strong gastric stimulant, so drinking it after drinking alcohol is not advisable since the least thing the stomach needs at that time is to activate itself.

Something similar happens with junk food. The trans fats and sugars they carry are terrible for digestionTherefore, a stomach with a hangover is not the ideal one to process these foods, in addition, they will further slow down the functioning of the digestive tract.


As for the ideal pills to end the headache caused by drinking alcohol, the best thing is avoiding ibuprofen and acetaminophen. These pills must be metabolized by the liver, and it is not exactly when you are hungover the most opportune moment to give more work. It is best to opt for natural remedies, such as, manzanilla. Contains parthenolide, a natural pain reliever, and antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it very effective for the prevention of migraines and headaches. Also, it will help with dehydration.

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In this sense, a perfect way to hydrate yourself and get vitamins that help the recovery process is to take fruit and vitamin C. orange or lemon juice it will help with this and will cleanse the toxins from your body. In addition, sports drinks are also perfect to regain a perfect body and mind for the next party. And of course, water, liters and liters of water. Also the milk It is a good ally, it will help reduce irritation of the digestive system. For their part, infusions they are also perfect for hydration and body well-being.

As for the comforting showers, doing it with very hot water is also counterproductive if what you want is not to suffer a hangover. The Hot water it makes it harder for the body to rehydrate, so it’s best to try something cooler. Cold washcloths with lavender on the forehead are perfect for this task. The freshness of the water, added to the restorative capacities of lavender they will help make your headache go away.

When it comes to food, it is now clear that saturated fats are not hangover friends. So what can you eat? Fruits and nuts will help to pass this uncomfortable phase of the holidays with dignity. Banana and nuts They will counteract the drop in sugars; vegetables will help with vitamins and canned fish, like sardines, they will contribute the point of B12 that is needed to hold.

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